24 Hours In The Life Of Richard Branson

richard branson

Photo: www.hulu.com

Virgin Group Founder and Chairman Sir Richard Branson has a lifestyle that many envy.The British self-made billionaire is known for kite-surfing with models, jetting around the world in fancy aeroplanes, and taking submarines down into the ocean when he’s not spending time on Necker Island.

Filmmaker Morgan Spurlock followed him around for a day and posted this video on Hulu

See if you can count how many times he changes clothes.

Branson's had a long day working on a banking deal, but the first we see him is at 8:30 PM when he gets into his Volvo S80

Branson is on his way to dinner with the Queen and President Obama

He's bringing along his wife Joan, who he married years ago on Necker Island

First thing the next morning, it's off to Heathrow, where he's departing for a promotional tour in Chicago

Back in Chicago, Virgin flight attendants are excitedly awaiting his arrival

Christine Choi, VP of Communications, briefs him before he meets the press

He drinks Starbucks (tea) just like the rest of us

Branson is constantly surrounded by beautiful women. The flight attendants in Chicago are no exception

He makes a scene on the streets of Chicago, and offers a passerby a free Virgin ticket to San Francisco

Back at the hotel, he meets with actor Adrien Grenier and business partner Peter Glatzer about their green lifestyle site, SHFT.com

Last big event of the day is in the hotel lobby, where he offers more free tickets. This woman said she had never heard of Virgin America

Then it's back to the airport and home to the UK

Now learn about how Richard Branson became a billionaire

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