24 Mapping Websites To Find Just About Anything

One of the most exciting ways the web has evolved over the past two years involves mapping technology.
Today, internet users can do amazing things on a wide variety of websites involving maps.

Below are 24 awesome mapping resources:

1. Trendsmap 

Instantly see a map of the US along with which keywords are popular right now in different areas of the country.  You can also search for a keyword and see where in the world this keyword is being talked about right now. So, if you type rain, for example, you’ll see where on the global people are talking about rain right now on the real time web.

2. HousingMaps 

This site uses Craigslist data to provide listings of houses for rent and for sale in several major cities. The site also includes filters allowing you to drill down to listings in a specific price range.

3. HealthMap.org 

This map utilizes feeds from the World Health organisation and others to provide the latest updates on diseases and outbreaks in the different regions of the world. 

4. FastFoodMaps

Find fast food restaurants, including McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, KFC, Burger King, Wendy’s, Carl Jr’s and more – anywhere in the U.S.  You can sort to see locations for a specific fast food chain.  Makes me hungry every time I use it :)

5. ZipMaps

Displays a map showing the boundaries of any zip code in the US.  A very cool resource – as you can see the streets and actual locations that fall within your zip code.

6. Satellite Views

Drill down by category to see the satellite view of a place.  Each of the places are organised by State, category, and county.  For example, you can easily get a satellite view of all the churches, parks, libraries, sports stadiums, bridges, or lakes in in your respective county. *

7. Hotspotr

See wifi hotsports and cafes across the US. The site has indexed over 17,000 wifi spots in over 3,500 cities.

8. DayLightMap

Cool and easy to use – this map shows you where its light out right now across the globe.

10. TimeZoneCheck

Quickly see what time it is right now in major cities across the world.*

11. DayLight Clouds Map

Shows a satellite view of cloud images across the globe.  The maps offers a quick way to see what area of the world has the most cloud cover right now.

12. Amtrak Routes

Displays a map showing all Amtrak Routes in the US.  It allows you to drill down to see specific
routes and stations that Amtrak has.

13. Flight Delays 

Helpful map published by the FAA showing which airports are currently experiencing flight delays.  If there is a green button next to your city it means that general arrival/departure delays are 15 minutes or less.

14. Baseball Stadiums

Very cool map showing you the baseball stadiums across the US.  You can sort by league, to quickly see Major League and Minor League parks.

15. Events Near You

This map lists events near you that are going on.  You can see events in any city, but the default will be the city the site detects you are in based on your IP address.

16. Geo Distance

Easy way to calculate distance between two places in a graphical format. 

17. Global Flood map

Interactive map that publishes which areas would be flooded or at risk due to sea level rises that may be related to Global Warming.

18. Hotel Map Search     

Type in a city, and then see locations of where hotels are available on a map.  The price is included on the map – allowing you to see which parts of town are more expensive than others.

19. Meteor Crators

Allows you to explore 50 of earth’s most obvious asteroid impact sites via satellite images.  It is very interesting to analyse these talked about meteor craters.

20. Sandriffic

utilise this map to view photos of what the sand looks like in different places around the world.

21. Tech Industry Points of Control 

A very creative fantasy map showing the corporate competition to control different areas of the internet.  This is a great map to view the major players right now across the web.

22. Top High Schools   

Map showing the top high schools in the US as ranked by Newsweek in 2008.  

23. Current rain, snow, and fog  

Quick snapshot of the places rain, snow, and fog are being experienced across the US right now.

24. Current temperatures

Easiest and quickest way to see the current temperatures across the US.

* website owned by Resource webs

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