24 details from Amazon’s ‘The Boys’ you might have missed

  • The TV adaptation of “The Boys” premiered on July 26, 2019 on Amazon.
  • The show is based on the comics by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson and it includes numerous references to the original series as well as other Easter eggs.
  • Here’s everything you might have missed, including an explanation of those mysterious buzzing flies.
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Following is a transcript of the video.

Narrator: Amazon’s new series “The Boys” is packed with action, dark humour, and flies. It’s also full of Easter eggs and references to the original comics.

Here’s everything you might’ve missed.

And warning: Spoilers ahead.

While Translucent plays a pivotal role in the first few episodes of the show, he was not in the comics. The seventh superhero was actually an alien named Jack from Jupiter.

In episode six, at the support-group meeting, a woman mentions a character in the comics named Tek Knight. And while we don’t see him yet in the show, he’s supposed to be a parody of Batman.

Another group of heroes in the comics we haven’t seen yet is the G-Men, which Stillwell refers to in episode one.

Stillwell: Our latest film, “G-Men World War.”

Narrator: They’re loosely based on the X-Men.

Each episode title comes directly from the titles in the comics.

The character of Hughie in the comics was designed to look like Simon Pegg, the actor. In the TV series, Pegg plays Hughie’s father.

Pegg even says “jings” at one point…

Hugh: Jings!

Narrator: …a nod to one of Hughie’s catchphrases in the comics.

Both Pegg and Karl Urban, who plays Butcher, have appeared together onscreen before, in 2009’s “Star Trek.”

The two Vought writers, Seth and Evan, were named after Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg, who are executive producers of “The Boys.”

While Mallory and Stillwell are both female characters in the show, they were actually male in the comics.

In episode one, Butcher comments on a nanny cam shaped like a teddy bear. We see the same bear later, in episode five, when A-Train is in Popclaw’s apartment.

Hughie asks Butcher if he has a dog, because he sees dog toys in the back seat of his car. Butcher responds, “No.” But in the comics, he does have a bulldog named Terror, which we do see briefly in a flashback. The show’s cocreator Eric Kripke said in a Reddit AMA that we can expect to see more of Terror in season two.

In episode three, this scene showing Butcher and Frenchie cleaning up Translucent’s remains might seem familiar.

It’s very similar to the scene in “Breaking Bad” when Walt and Jesse are cleaning up the corpse of Emilio. This makes sense, since the writer of the episode, George Mastras, also worked on “Breaking Bad.”

Another “Breaking Bad” reference is in the finale, when we meet Edgar, played by Giancarlo Esposito.

Edgar: Someone needs to run this show when I move to Belize.

Narrator: The same phrase is used in “Breaking Bad” by Saul and Walt as a code for murdering someone.

Saul: Have you given any thought to, um, sending him on a trip to Belize?

Narrator: In episode four, you can see a coffee shop in the background called Jitter Bean. This chain also appears in the comics as Jittery Bean.

In the comics, Mother’s Milk drinks from a mug that says bad ***. You can see the same mug on his desk in the show.

At the Believe Expo, Starlight looks at a poster about homosexuality. The image also appears on the cover of one of the comics, “Herogasm #4.”

During the media coverage of Starlight’s speech, Kripke’s actual Twitter account can be seen on TV.

The Deep is ultimately sent to Ohio after admitting to sexually assaulting Starlight. Ohio was chosen as an inside joke, since Kripke grew up in Toledo.

In episode six, one of the Butcher’s demands from Susan Raynor, the deputy director of the CIA, is a headquarters in the Flatiron Building in New York City. This building is actually The Boys’ headquarters in the comics.

Dr. Vogelbaum’s mansion might look familiar. It’s the same mansion used in the 1995 comedy “Billy Madison.”

In episode seven, Homelander comments how he loves Butcher’s accent.

Butcher: Good to meet ya.

Homelander: Love that accent.

Narrator: Urban, who’s doing a British accent in the show, is from New Zealand. Homelander’s comment is likely another inside joke, as Antony Starr, who plays Homelander with an American accent, is also from New Zealand.

Part of Homelander’s speech following the plane crash is similar to George Bush’s speech after 9/11.

Man: We hear you, Homelander.

Homelander: And I hear you, brother. I hear you. And the world hears you.

Bush: I can hear you. The rest of the world hears you. And the people of…

Narrator: Secretary of Defence Robert Singer is played by an actor named Jim Beaver. Beaver also starred in “Supernatural,” Kripke’s previous project.

And if you were listening and looking closely, there are multiple scenes where a fly buzzes through the shot.

Man: Time for a few more?

Narrator: While fans think this is teasing a future reveal of another superhero, Kripke has confirmed that this was just a happy accident and that these were just real flies left in the shot to highlight “the corruption of the world all these characters are struggling through.”

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