The 24 Craziest Things Mario Balotelli Has Ever Done

mario balotelli celebrating germany goal in euro 2012

Photo: ESPN

Mario Balotelli showed why he is one of the best young soccer players in the world at Euro 2012.He scored three goals, and led his underdog Italy team to the final.

But more often than not, the 21-year-old is in the news for off-the-field reasons.

These anecdotes involve fireworks, dead fish, and stomping on people’s heads.

We’ve been chronicling his exploits for the better part of a year, and we now have 24 crazy Mario tales.

He tore off his shirt and stood there perfectly still while flexing after scoring at goal at Euro 2012 (June 2012)

He proclaimed that he would 'kill' any racists at Euro 2012 (May 2012)

Racism was a big worry going into Euro 2012, but Balotelli had some stern words for racists before the tournament, saying, 'I will not accept racism at all. It's unacceptable. If someone throws a banana at me in the street, I will go to jail, because I will kill them.'

Source: The Guardian

He got banned for three matches for getting too many red cards, after which his coach proclaimed he was finished with him for good in an epic rant (April 2012)

Here's what Roberto Mancini had to say:

'I've finished my words for him. I've finished. I love him as a guy, as a player. I know him. He's not a bad guy and is a fantastic player. But, at this moment, I'm very sorry for him because he continues to lose his talent, his quality.'I hope, for him, he can understand that he's in a bad way for his future. And he can change his behaviour in the future. But I'm finished. We have six games left and he will not play.'

Mario played in City's final game, and got an assist on their league-winning goal

Source: The Guardian

He randomly showed up to a press conference in Italy where a new coach was being introducing at an unrelated team, then left (March 2012)

The coach said after, 'We did not know he was coming but it's not the first time. It's typical of Mario.'

Source: Inside World Soccer

He was fined $400,000 for going to a strip club two nights before a game (March 2012)

Manchester City coach Roberto Mancini has a rule that players can't go out on the town in the 48 hours before a game.

Balotelli violated that rule by hitting a Liverpool-area strip club at 2 a.m. on the Thursday night before a Saturday game.

He could now face a maximum fine of $396,000 for violating the rule.

Source: The Sun

His girlfriend is Italian model Raffaella Fico -- who allegedly attended many of Silvio Berlusconi's bunga-bunga parties.

After he was caught at the strip club once, she told the Daily Mail, 'For me, he can go to a strip club, if he does nothing wrong, with friends, but I have to say that the end always comes back to me because I am his favourite.'

She is now pregnant with their child.

Source: Telegraph

He stopped at a local high school, used the bathroom and left (January 2012)

He also meandered around the school with some friends for 20 minutes, then left in his Bentley.

Source: Manchester Evening News

He had a mock sword fight at an Indian restaurant while violating curfew (December 2011)

The night before a game against Manchester United, Balotelli and his friend took some rolling pins from a curry house and had a sword fight with them.

Less than 12 hours later, he scored two goals in a 6-1 rout of Man U.

Source: The Telegraph

He stomped on an opponent's head (January 2012)

Balotelli was somehow not red-carded for this stop on Tottenham player Scott Parker.

But he did receive a four-match ban.

He revealed a confusing shirt after scoring against Man U on Sunday (October 2011)

After scoring the opening goal against Manchester United, Mario pulled up his jersey to reveal a shirt that said, 'WHY ALWAYS ME?'

It's unclear what that refers to, or why Balotelli chose to wear it. But it pretty comprehensively captures the essence of one of the world's craziest (and most gifted) athletes.

He burned down his bathroom after shooting fireworks from his window (October 2011)

Mario and four of his buddies were setting off fireworks last fall when one hit a bath towel and caught fire.

The fire department came at around 1 a.m., and Balotelli had to stay in a hotel on the night before a huge game against Manchester United.

Afterward, he insanely became a fireworks safety spokesman for the City of Manchester.

Source: The Guardian

Someone put a bag of rotting fish in his $250,000 car (August 2011)

He came home from the club's U.S. tour and found a bag of two-week old herring rotting in his $250,000 Maserati.

He's known for pranking his teammates, and it appears someone got him back in a gross way.

He was benched for showboating and missing a wide-open goal in L.A. (July 2011)

Mario had a wide-open goal in a preseason game against the L.A. Galaxy.

But instead of kicking it in, he tried to do a twirling backheel and missed.

His coach was enraged, and pulled him out of the game on the spot.

See the video here.

He couldn't figure out how to put on a warm-up bib during a game (May 2011)

Balotelli became a YouTube hit in the States when he tried and failed for over a minute to put on a bib before warming up in a Europa League game.

Eventually, a Man City employee gave him some help, and he was able to get the thing on.

See video here.

A little boy on the street told Mario he was being picked on, so Balotelli went to his school and confronted the bully (May 2011)

A youngster asked Balotelli for his autograph after practice one day. When Mario asked him why he wasn't in school, the kid said he was being picked on.

So he drove the boy and his mother to school and gave the bully a talking to. He also met to the headmaster to discuss the issue.

Source: Metro UK

He once gave $1,000 to a homeless guy after winning $25,000 at a casino (April 2011)

He was feeling good after winning five-figures at a Manchester-area casino.

So he generously gave $1,000 to a homeless guy he saw when he left.

Source: The Sun

He once got pulled over with $25,000 sitting in the front seat (April 2011)

The officer asked him why he had so much loose cash sitting on the seat.

'Because I can,' he told him.

That's about all you need to know.

Source: Daily Mail

He got Man City eliminated from the Europa League by getting a red card for a karate kick (March 2011)

favoured Man City were eliminated from the Europa League by Kiev last season.

In the second leg of the clash, Balotelli carelessly flew in to a tackle like a ninja and spiked a Kiev player in the midsection.

City lost 2-1 on aggregate.

See the video here.

He had to come out of a game in Kiev because of a spontaneous grass allergy (March 2011)

Balotelli is apparently allergic to some kinds of grass, which is problematic if you're a soccer player.

Said his coach after the game, 'I came out a minute before the players and I didn't see Mario. He then said he could play but his face was swollen.'

Mario was substituted 10 minutes into the second half.

Source: Yahoo!

Mario was caught throwing darts in the direction of youth team players after practice one day.

Afterward, he said he did it because he was 'bored.'

He was fined $100,000 for the incident.

Source: Yahoo!

He got in a fist-fight with a teammate in practice (December 2010)

What do you do when you don't like a tackle your teammate makes in practice?

Fight him.

Balotelli got in a bust-up with defender Jerome Boateng last winter.

Source: Yahoo!

He racked up $10,000 in parking tickets, and had his Maserati impounded 27 times (2010)

Balotelli didn't pay attention to the parking rules when he moved to Manchester.

As a result, he accumulated five-figures worth of parking fines and had his white Maserati locked up dozens of times.

Source: Daily Mail

He racked up $300,000 in team fines last season (2010-11)

Add together the penalties for throwing darts, showing up late, getting in fights, and drawing red cards, and you get a pretty penny.

Luckily Balotelli makes $100,000 a week, so he's still doing OK.

Source: The Sun

He was caught trespassing at a women's prison in Italy (October 2010)

He and his brother felt like checking out a women's prison, so they drove right in.

It turns out you can't do that, and police stopped them at the gates.

After, Mario told Italian TV, 'I told my brother: 'Do you want to see a prison? Then I went in.'

Source: Yahoo!

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