23-year-old man missing after East Village building explosion

Nicholas FigueroaFacebookNicholas Figueroa, 23

Nicholas Figueroa, 23, was on a 2nd date at Sushi Park in NYC’s East Village when a gas explosion ravaged the building in flames and eventually, burned it to the ground.

Figueroa and one other have been reported missing.

The explosion happened around 3pm Thursday near 2nd Avenue and 7th Street. Surrounding buildings were also affected, leaving 19 people injured, at least 4 critically.

Figueroa’s family has spent the last 17 hours calling shelters and hospitals, trying to figure out what happened to their son, who lives in Harlem.

The woman who Figueroa was on a date with made it out of the restaurant and suffered a broken nose, The New York Post reports. She was said to be “in a daze” and didn’t remember she was on a date with Figueroa until hours after being treated at Bellevue hospital 13 blocks north.

“Police sources said the woman told officials the last thing she remembered was the missing man getting up from the table to pay the check,” The Post reported. “Then the explosion happened and the next thing she remembered, she was in the hospital, sources said.”  

The explosion happened around 3pm Thursday on 2nd avenue and 7th street and the smell of smoke in the East Village lingered well into the evening.

Figueroa’s desperate family has many questions as crews begin to deal with the aftermath of the devastating building collapse which took out several restaurants including a beloved neighbourhood staple, Pomme Frites, and dozens of residential apartments.

“Nicholas is a happy go lucky guy. He loves to experience adventures and go on crazy adventures. He’s got the biggest brightest smile too,” his brother Tyler, 21, told The Post. “I don’t even know why he was at a sushi restaurant. I thought he was a vegetarian.”  

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