23 Houses That Were Once Owned By American Presidents

Nixon california mansion

Presidents of the United States either were born into wealth or found it somewhere along their ascent to the office. 

With that sort of wealth, Presidents tend to hold some breathtaking and enviable real estate, either buying storied real estate or developing a property into a brand — like the Kennedy Compound or Monticello. 

Here, we take a look at where the presidents slept besides 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, using Zillow’s page on Presidential Real Estate to find out what the story is with each of these properties. 

Barack Obama's Chicago House

Right before Obama was elected to the Senate, he bought this home in Chicago's Kenwood neighbourhood for $1.65 million, $300,000 less than the asking price.

It's got 7 baths, is 6,199 square feet, and is on a quarter acre lot. The house has central cooling, a detached garage, and a fireplace.

The house is estimated by Zillow to cost around $1,884,436 right now.

George W Bush's first home

Bush's first home was in Midland, Texas, He bought the 2,406 square foot home in 1977 lived there until 1985 when George W. moved to Washington to work for George H.W.'s presidential campaign.

The home is estimated to be worth $176,212.

Bill and Hillary Clinton's Chappaqua House

Bill and Hillary Clinton bought the $5.95 million mansion in Westchester County, New York in 1999. Bill apparently was known to hang out in downtown Chappaqua with neighbours.

The house was built in 1889, has 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, and is 5,232 square feet.

The house is now estimated to be worth $6.84 million.

Bill Clinton's DC House

The Clintons paid $2.85 million for this house in the Observatory Circle neighbourhood. The Georgian Colonial is 5,152 square feet, has four bedrooms and 7 bathrooms, and is a half mile away from the Vice Presidential residence at the Naval Observatory.

George HW Bush's Massachusetts Home

George HW Bush was born in this home in Massachusetts in 1942. The family lived here for only a year after this, and then moved to Connecticut.

The house is 4,346 square feet and was built in 1880. It's got 4 bedrooms and 3.5 baths. Today, it's estimated to be worth $903,956.

Ronald Reagan's Pacific Palisades House

Ronald and Nancy Reagan lived in the house from 1957 to 1981. As a GE Spokesman, all the appliances in the home were GE. They sold the home when the pair settled into the White House.

The house has 4 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, is 4,764 square feet and is worth around $4 million today.

Reagan's Bel Air Estate

Reagan retired to this 7,192 square foot estate in Los Angeles after his retirement. He bought the property in 1989 for $3 million, and died in the home in 2004.

The home is estimated by Zillow to be worth around $6.3 million today. It's got 3 bedrooms and 6 baths.

Gerald Ford's Michigan Home

After serving in the Navy, Ford returned to his home of Grand Rapids, Michigan, and won his seat in the House of Representatives. Ford and his wife lived in the home until 1950.

Now, the 8,712 square foot house is estimated to be worth $246,293.

Gerald Ford's Vail Estate

Ford was an avid skier, and maintained this ski retreat in Avon, Colorado, where he had an excellent relationship with the locals. The house is a 7 bedroom and 9,500 square foot.

The home was sold in December, 2006.

Richard Nixon's La Casa Pacifica

Nixon bought the sprawling mansion in San Clemente, California in 1969. It was later known as Nixon's Western White House, and Nixon hosted many foreign dignitaries in the mansion. Nixon retired to the home after his resignation.

The house has five bedrooms and seven baths, and is 6,208 square feet. The seaside manor is estimated to be worth $2.3 million.

JFK's Boyhood House

JFK was born in 1917 in Brookline Massachusetts and lived in this suburban home with his eight siblings. The house features six bedrooms and a large front porch. He lived here until he was 10.

Today, the house is worth around $1.65 million.

The Kennedy Compound

This is one of the most well-known pieces of real estate in the entire United States, the legendary Kennedy Compound. It's on six acres in Hyannis Port, Massachusetts, and is the centre of a cluster of Kennedy-held property.

The house is 105,851 square feet. It's estimated to be worth around $4.7 million.

John Kennedy's Hickory Hill Estate

John and Bobby Kennedy had an estate in McLean, Virginia, the DC suburb. JFK bought the house in 1953 when he married Jackie. He would later sell the house to his brother and his wife, Ethel, for $125,000.

The house is 7,850 square feet on a 5.6 acre lot, with 13 bedrooms and 10.5 baths. It's worth $8.7 million.

Harry Truman's Boyhood Home

Born in Missouri, Harry Truman lived in this 3,077 square foot house from 1896 to 1902.

Harry Truman's Boyhood Home

Truman's father sold the home after he lost his savings speculating on commodities.

Now, the asking price is $256,000 -- and it's for sale! It's got 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and is in lovely Independence, Missouri.

Harry Truman's Summer White House

After his wedding, Truman and his wife Bess moved to this home in Independence. It would later serve as his Summer White House when in office. Truman lived out the rest of his life here after leaving the presidency, and it is now a National Landmark.

The estimated value is $307,549.

Woodrow Wilson's Princeton House

Wilson was a professor at Princeton University prior to ascending to the Presidency. While teaching, he lived in a few different homes in the area from 1890 onward. He would eventually become the President of the university and lived in the Princeton president's residence, Prospect House.

Some of his homes are worth $2.1 million.

Cleavland retired to this Georgian-style mansion in Princeton, New Jersey after his presidency. Cleavland would call the home 'Westland' and lived there until his death in 1908.

Its estimated value is $3.75 million and it is on a one and a half acre lot.

Chester A. Arthur House

On Lexington Avenue in New York stands the former home of Chester A. Arthur. He took over the presidency after the assassination of President Garfield, and took his oath of Office in this building.

The estimated value of the home is $5,428,510. It's got a single bedroom and is 5,668 square feet.

The military hero and 12th president Zachary Taylor lived on this Kentucky plantation in his youth and returned often in his later life. The property was previously a whole 700 acres of land, but some of the original land was sold to become Zachary Taylor National Cemetery.

On a mere half-acre now, the house has 2 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, and is worth around $401,430.

James Madison's Philadelphia Home

James Madison lived in this house -- known as the Stride-Madison House -- in Philadelphia's (now) Historic district. James and Dolly Madison lived here throughout their lives, despite time in the White House.

It's 2,898 square feet and is worth around $1.3 million.

George Washington's Crash Pad

According to the historic marker on the home, this house in Brewster, New York was then-General Washington's preferred place of rest when he made trips from Connecticut to West Point.

George Washington's Crash Pad

The home is 5,800 square feet, has five bedrooms and 2 baths and is called the Fowler's House.

Today it is worth around $475,000, and is evidently for sale.

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