22,000 Telstra customers have been sent fake bills

Photo: telstra.com

More than 22,000 Telstra customers have been issued fake bills this week in two phishing emails titled “Your email bill”.

Scammers are responsible for the fake bills which are copies of legitimate Telstra emails.

“These emails look very authentic, often including logos and slogans, to trick you into opening them. They often contain a link or an attachment, which is designed to entice you into clicking on it,” says Rachael Falk, National Security Advisor for Telstra.

“One version of the fake email advises customers an account has been paid twice and customers can claim a ‘refund’ if they log into My Account via a link in the email.”

Falk says that links and attachments embedded in the email could be infected with malicious software and are “designed to trick customers into disclosing their personal details like their name, address and banking details”.

According to Falk, customers can identify whether the email is a fake through the absence of a ‘$’ sign to describe the amount of money that has allegedly been paid twice and is available for ‘refund’ as well as the refund amount being shown in a bracket.

There is also a clear grammatical error in the salutation: “Hi, dear customer”.

Photo: telstra.com

She has warned the telco’s customers from clicking on any links or attachments and to delete the email form the account immediately.

Last year, Telstra’s customer service and sales director Peter Jamieson, said there had been a four-fold increase in complaints about scammers in the past 12 months.

More than 400 Telstra customers had issued a complaint over scammers posing as Telstra employees who were calling to sell fake software updates and obtain personal details over the phone.

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