22 Photos Of Barack Obama Pigging Out

First Lady Michelle Obama has made getting children to eat better one of her top priorities, but she might want to start her push for healthy eating closer to home. There is ample photographic evidence her husband, Barack Obama, absolutely loves junk food. Business Insider combed through the archives and found these 22 shots of the President chowing down on snacks.

Obama clearly relishes a hearty meal.

This shot of Obama shows him preparing to eat at Dooky Chase restaurant in New Orleans, La. when he was running for president in February 2008.

The presidential motorcade comes fully stocked with candy bars.

Obama eating a candy bar inside his limo during a 2009 visit to Germany.

Do you want fries with that Mr. President? Of course you do.

Obama at a roundtable with first time voters at Miami's OMG Burger in September 2012.

Here's Obama breaking matzo with Bibi.

Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Natanyahu trying matzo bread that was apparently served to them by miniature robots at a March 2013 technology expo in Jerusalem.

Frank Underwood would be proud.

Enjoying a rib worthy of 'House of Cards' in June 2012 at Kenny's BBQ in D.C.

Hot Dogs are clearly one of Obama's favourite treats

Broing out and chowing down with British Prime Minister David Cameron at an NCAA basketball game in 2012.

Another hot dog for POTUS.

Obama eating lunch at Rudy's Hot Dog in Ohio in June 2011.

This one is apparently a bratwurst.

Obama visiting Usinger's Fine Sausage in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in September 2012.

Obama also enjoys chilli dogs.

Obama stopped by D.C.'s famous Ben's Chilli Bowl with the city's former Mayor Adrian Fenty a few days before taking office in 2009.

Snow cones are clearly another one of Obama's favourite foods.

The President getting ready to dig in at Tropical Sno in Denison, Ia. in August 2012.

In Philadelphia, they call it 'water ice.'

Here Obama tries a Philly 'water ice' in 2011.

Obama may have developed his love for snow cones in Hawaii.

Here Obama enjoys Hawaiian 'shave ice' with his daughters on a family trip to the state where he grew up in 2010.

Obama also likes regular ice cream.

In 2010, Obama opted for mint chocolate chip at Brusters Ice Cream shop in Panama City, Fla.

An international man of ice cream mystery.

Reuters did not specify which flavour of ice cream Obama was eating when they snapped him enjoying a sweet snack while visiting the Great Buddha statue in the Japanese city of Kamakura in 2010.

Ice cream is great for cooling during a campaign.

Obama having a cone at a stop in Pennsylvania during his 2008 campaign.

Obama also obviously enjoys a good, egg-filled breakfast.

A 2011 meeting with small business owners in Iowa provided an opportunity for Obama to have a big breakfast.

Obama definitely bought the old slogan that eggs are both edible and incredible.

While running for office in 2008, Obama stopped to eat eggs with union workers in Indiana.

Omelette time!

Omelettes were on the menu at another one of Obama's 2008 campaign stops in Indiana.

Mmmmm, doughnuts.

Sampling the goods while visiting a Seattle doughnut shop with Washington State Senator Patty Murray in 2010.

Obama was into locally-sourced food before it was cool.

A very on-trend Obama enjoying locally-caught shrimp in Louisiana in 2010.

There is a type of pastry called a 'kringle.'

It is apparently a Scandinavian variety of pretzel. Obama had one in Wisconsin in 2010.

Don't worry Michelle, not everything the President eats is junk.

He had a nectarine at a Virginia supermarket in 2009.

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