21 Striking 'HDR' Pictures Of Spain

spain hdr

Photo: Flickr/marcp_dmoz

If a regular picture is worth a thousand words, these HDR snapshots of Spain may very well be priceless.

They come from Marc (Flickr user marcp_dmoz), a photographer from Madrid who utilizes HDR, or “high dynamic range” imaging, which adds multiple versions of photos together to give them a glowing and dramatic contrast. 

From an abandoned alley in the northwest to the stadium of Real Madrid, check out his incredible photos of Spain.

Bartender at Cangrejero bar in Madrid

Taberna Real in Madrid

An abandoned spot in northwest Spain

People in the market in León, Spain

A man working in Toledo, Spain

A couple getting married at Saint Anthony Royal Chapel in Madrid

A workshop of handcrafted and glazed ceramics in Santillana del Mar, Spain

Back in the kitchen at Restaurante Bocoy in Madrid

Monument to King Alfonso XII in Madrid

A woman selling balloons in León, Spain

A Florist in Madrid

A man laughing with a horse near Madrid

A view of a play from a window of an apartment

People enjoying a port in Barcelona

A dinosaur the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia, Spain

Procession of Silence, Week of Easter 2010, Madrid

Terminal 4 of Madrid Airport Barajas

Sitting in Church in Castilla la Mancha, Spain

The busy centre of Puerta del Sol, Madrid

Santiago Bernabeu Stadium (Home of Real Madrid)

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