21 Reasons It's Good To Be One Of The Baby Foxes Living At Facebook's World Headquarters

Facebook Fox 08

There are a bunch of baby foxes – kits! – living at Facebook’s headquarters in Menlo Park, California.

Facebook employee Jeffrey Ferland took some great photos of them.

When one colleague of mine saw the photos this afternoon, she said, “I wish I were a fox.”

She’s right.

You can bite your brothers and sisters without hurting them

If you get squished, it's OK. Your ears are bendy.

You can explore the world

You can chase each other around

You can give some PDA

When you're tired, you can become a pillow…

…a really comfy pillow

The Facebook employees think you're great

You're so quiet

You can really strut your stuff

You can take naps everywhere

You can perch on the tallest rocks

You're so fast

You can look cool next to vintage bikes

You're so sneaky people don't notice you sometimes

You really love those bikes

You can make your ears go back so they are more aerodynamic

You're so good at climbing

You can float in the air

You can stay cool in the shade

People get lost in your eyes

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