21 Vintage Photos Of Hawaii From Before It Became A State

Hawaiian surf riders Buzzy Trent, Woody Brown and George Downing glide down advancing front of a 19 foot at Makaha, near Waianae, Oahu, December 3, 1953AP Images‘Surf Riders’ near Oahu in December 1953.

Hawaii became the 50th U.S. state 54 years ago today, when President Eisenhower signed the Hawaii Admission Act on August 21, 1959.

Today the youngest state is known for its varied cuisine, beautiful state parks, distinct cultural traditions, and thriving tourism industry.

We’ve gathered 21 vintage photos that show Hawaii was beautiful long before it became the nation’s favourite vacation destination.

January 1890 - The Royal Palace at Honolulu.

September 1940 - the battleship USS Oklahoma in Hawaii during US navy Pacific Fleet maneuvers.

A man brings in his pineapple harvest after a long day (date unknown).

December 1953 - Hawaiian surf riders Buzzy Trent, Woody Brown and George Downing glide down the advancing front of a 19-foot wave at Makaha, near Waianae, Oahu.

1930 - Tourists peer into mouth of Halemaumau or 'House of Everlasting Fire,' the inner crater of Kilauea, the most active volcano in the world (at the time).

January 1932 - A group of Hawaiian girls sit against a tropical background.

October 1936 - PanAm Airways employees in Hawaii managed to create a full size golf course on the beach at Midway Island, where they play amongst the albatrosses.

July 1934 - the harbor at Honolulu, Hawaii looks serene.

1930 - four Japanese tourists pose at the Halekulani Hotel on Waikiki Beach with a native Hawaiian and his long surfboard.

1925 - Waikiki beach on Oahu, with Diamond Head in the background.

1925 - a surfer at Waikiki Beach stands on his head as he rides a wave into the shore.

1924 - a native Hawaiian dancer performs while other women keep rhythm with gourds.

1920 - a Hawaiian Sunrise Soiree. Two couples, one in tails, dance on the beach in the early morning to the sounds of a ukulele.

Expansive pineapple fields (date unknown).

Female hula dancers circa 1900.

1900 - a group of male Hula dancers.

Early 1900s - Two local men in their raft rest by the beach at Waikiki Bay, showing Diamond Head in the background.

A Hawaiian woman dances on a grass mat while two other women watch, circa 1900.

1922 - two native Hawaiians with outrigger canoes at the shoreline in Honolulu.

1891 - on the beautiful Mauna Loa Creek.

Wailua Lower Falls, Kauai between 1870 and 1899.

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