21 Money-Saving Gifts For Everyone On Your List

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If you’re serious about giving the best to loved ones this year, why not give them something that’s built to last –– and help them save at the same time? We’ve rounded up a list of great gift ideas that are not only functional, but have the added bonus of helping break the bad habits that tend to waste cash.

Save on movie tickets with a MoviePass subscription

If anyone on your list is a Netflix or Hulu fan, they'll go nuts for MoviePass.

It's only been out a few months, but MoviePass is a new app that lets users see as many movies as they want for a monthly fee ($25 to $40, depending on location). For cinephiles in cities where some theatres charge up to $17 for a 3-D flick, this can mean huge savings over time.

They offer three different gift packages to give subscriptions to friends and family.

Price: $29.99 and up

Save on movie rentals with a Hulu Plus or Netflix subscription

Cable can be expensive, costing anywhere from $30 a month and upwards, but if your loved one is looking for nothing more than TV and movies, aim for a Hulu+ or Netflix subscription this holiday season.

All their favourite shows and movies are available--and not just the most recent episodes, but entire seasons, too.

Price: $7.99/month for Hulu Plus and Netflix

Ditch your daily coffee habit with the Bodum French Press

Dumping your daily coffee habit won't rescue your finances necessarily, but it certainly could leave a few extra bucks in your pocket each day.

The Bodum French Press includes an 8-cup French press as well as a 15-ounce travel press for caffeine fiends on the go.

Price: $40

Get free two-day shipping with an Amazon Prime Membership

There's hardly a gift more useful for online shoppers than an Amazon Prime membership.

The deal comes with free two-day shipping and access to a Netflix-like library of streaming video.

Bonus: If you don't need your order in two days, Amazon will sometimes actually pay you to accept a slower ship time, giving you monetary credits which you can apply to future purchases.

Price: $79

Quench your thirst with the SIGG Switzerland Water Bottle

With Americans spending an average of $11 billion every year on disposable water bottles, save yourself some money this year with a quality, reusable aluminium water bottle.

SIGG water bottles are lightweight, durable, eco-friendly, come in multiple colours, and the BPA and phthalate-free aluminium won't compromise the taste of the water.

Price: $21.99

Get all the essentials for less with the Ultimate ManPack

Stop wasting money on cheap headphones with urBeats

Anyone who needs tunes to exercise could easily work their way through a dozen pairs of cheap, $10 headphones a year.

Why not invest in a pair that's built to last?

The urBeats are perfect for anyone on the go. They come with a one-year replacement warranty and built-in mic for phone calls.

Price: $99

Make your own sodas at home with SodaStream

The SodaStream System is a home carbonated drink maker that makes over 60 different flavours of soda.

Save money on pre-packaged fizzy drinks and make your own at home.The BPA-free carbonating bottles are reusable up to three years, which gives the environment a boost as well.

Price: $79.95 and up

Keep slippery mobile devices in their place with HandAble

There's nothing quite as rattling as the first time your smartphone slips out of your hand and shatters to pieces.

That's because they aren't cheap to replace.

That's what makes products like HandAble so cool. For about $13, HandAble clips attach to your phone and easily slip between your fingers to keep the device secure in your palm.

Price: $12.95

Pop your own corn with the Whirley Pop Stovetop Popcorn Popper

Making your own popcorn with real kernels is always cheaper than buying individual microwavable bags.

This popcorn maker just needs a teaspoon of oil, and in three minutes it makes twice as much popcorn as a microwavable bag.

Price: $19.99

Give the gift of education with the GradSave gift card

Parents, friends, and relatives can give directly to a child's college savings plan with a GradSave gift card.

GradSave is linked directly to a 529 college savings plan, which can be withdrawn tax-free when they're ready to hit the books.

Price: Any amount

Save on your energy bill with the Smart Strip

Techies and environmentalists alike will love the Smart Strip.

It's an energy-saving power strip that can power up to seven plug-in devices at once while providing 1.2 kilo joules of surge protection for your devices.

That's money saved on energy, and on replacing fizzled-out devices.

Price: $29.02

Filter water anywhere with AquaGear Water Filtration Bottles

At-home water filters are great bargains in and of themselves, but they're not exactly portable. AquaGear water filtration bottles remove 99.99% of tap water contaminants and can save up to 600 plastic bottles over their lifetime.

Cool fact: They were originally designed by aerospace engineers looking for a way to protect people from waterborne illnesses. The filters are also 100% made in the U.S.

Price: $29.99

Rock out to unlimited music with a Pandora One subscription

At $1 a pop, buying songs piecemeal can really start to add up.

Internet radio has revolutionised the way consumers listen to music, and with Pandora One, you get unlimited, ad-free tunes whenever you want.

Price: $36

Cook in bulk and on a budget with the Hamilton Beach Set 'N Forget Crockpot

Who doesn't love setting dinner to cook in the morning, going to work, and coming home to a hot meal ready at the end of the day?

The Set 'N Forget crockpot lets you program beforehand when you want the pot to shut off, so there's no electricity wasted. The 6-quart capacity also allows you to cook in bulk, saving you both time and money on future dinners.

Price: $55.99

Lower your water bill with the Waterpik Riata Showerhead

This shower head can slash your water bill and carbon footprint down significantly. The Waterpik Riata shower head can save hundreds of gallons of water a year while sustaining water pressure.

It's designed for easy installation and has 14 spray settings, including a dial that helps lighten or ramp up the water pressure.

Price: $29.99

Travel wisely on a budget with Lonely Planet guidebooks

What could be better to look forward to in the new year than a little travelling?

For wanderlusters on a budget, Lonely Planet guidebooks offer great tips on how to see any destination at all price points.

Price: $7-$14

Get a clean shave at home with the Men-U Shaving Brush

Men can speed up their shaving routine and save a few bucks on shaving cream by working this men's shaving brush into their morning routine.

It requires less shaving cream so men won't run out as frequently ---- and gives them an excuse to skip the post-shave scrub.

Price: $19.99

Make wine last with the Wine Saver

If you like to have a glass or two of wine but always wind up wasting your money when the rest of the bottle goes bad, consider the Vacu Vin wine saver.

It acts like a cork but better because it keeps the bottle fresh for up to two weeks. It costs $14.99 at winestuff.com.

Price: $14.99

Turn your home appliances mobile with the WeMo switch

This device lets you turn your appliances, electronics and devices on or off with your iPhone.

It's controlled by a sensor that detects motion up to 10 feet away and can send a wireless signal to the WeMo Switch to turn the device on or off.

If you left the light on by accident, for example, you can turn it off, immediately saving energy and money.

Price: $99.99

Get the best beans on a budget with a Craft Coffee Subscription

Making coffee at home is another great way to save, but gourmet beans can be expensive.

Just like a magazine subscription, Craft Coffee will send you their three best coffee choices each month straight to your doorstep.

The subscription costs $19.99 and will liven up your coffee routine with new tastes each month.

Price: $19.99

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