21 Events That Could Jolt The Market At Any Moment

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Other than the imminent onslaught of earnings, the market feels very quiet right now, with economic and political news out of Asia, Europe, and the US seemingly quiet.Even the BP spill seems to be fading from the public.

So what’s next?

We’ve checked out InTrade to find the odds on various events that may or may not happen at some point and give the markets a serious jolt.

In each case there’s a proposition with a two-outcome answer (i.e. will Obama get re-elected?). The contract fluctuates, and the current price represents the possibility that said event will happen.

Will any Eurozone country leave?

Will Harry Reid hold his Senate seat?

Will cap & trade pass by the end of the year?

Wil Boeing win the DOD's air-tanker contract?

Will the US strike North Korea by the end of Q3

Will one of these countries join the euro?

Will the deep water moratorium be lifted by the end of the year?

Will Tony Hawyward survive?

Will Goldman pay a fine bigger than $25 million?

Will Lloyd Blankfein depart?

Will New York default?

Will California default?

Will online gambling be legalized?

Will Obamacare be struck down by the courts?

Will the GM Volt go on sale this year?

Will BP file for chapter 11 by the end of next eyar?

Will Facebook commence its IPO this year?

Will Hugo Chavez leave by Q3?

Will Cap & Trade by implemented by 2013?

Will there be a mega-earthquake in the world next year?

Will the US lose its AAA by the next of next year?

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