What 20 famous companies' archaic websites looked like when they launched

Booking.com websiteEssayRooHow do I use this?

Your favourite brands haven’t always had the sleek, user-friendly interfaces you’re used to today.

Everyone must start from somewhere, even the likes of Amazon and McDonald’s.

Unfortunately, most of the resulting efforts were pretty terrible. There was no winning model to follow, so designers were left stabbing in the dark.

We used a combination of images from Educational consultants Essayroo and the Wayback Machine, which archives old websites, to dig up some of the most basic sites brands like Coca-Cola and Twitter had when they first launched.

Scroll down to laugh at their primitiveness, ordered by launch date.

An earlier version of this article was written by Will Heilpern.

McDonalds: 1996

Burger King: 1996

Pepsi: 1996

Gap: 1996

Wayback Machine

Domino's Pizza: 1996

Wayback Machine

The New York Times: 1996

Wayback Machine

Yahoo: 1997

Wayback Machine

Mercedes-Benz: 1997

Wayback Machine

Ferrari: 1997

Wayback Machine

JPMorgan: 1997

Google: 1998

Wayback Machine

Apple: 1998

Wayback machine

Coca-Cola: 1998

Ebay: 1999

Wayback Machine

PayPal: 2000


IMDB: 2000


Wikipedia: 2002


Booking.com: 2004


Facebook: 2005


Twitter: 2005


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