Robots Are Officially Set To Take Over The World

2084 cover

Take a good look at this cover.

A few years from now, you’ll be seeing it everywhere, all at once: in the hands of kids on the subway, splashed across billboards, duplicated on movie posters.

A futuristic robot saga called 2084 is the latest brainchild of Alloy Entertainment, the teen-appetite genius that gave the world “Gossip Girl,” “Pretty Little Liars” and more.

Alloy’s specialty: turning indulgent page-turners into must-see TV and movies.

Their next mission: simultaneously spearhead a 2084 book and blockbuster in order to achieve instant dominance over pop culture.

In doing so, they’re aiming to engineer a cash cow on the scale of “Harry Potter” — with a much shorter timeline.

And Alloy is shoring up its bet on 2084 with a team of publishing and Hollywood all-stars including “24” producer Howard Gordon, “Final Destination” writer James Wong and Harper Collins, which has agreed to publish at least three 2084 novels.

Judging from the projects gearing up to compete with 2084, it seems clear that the pop culture pendulum is about to swing from vampires and wizards to robots and dystopias.

Alloy announced another android-centric project of its own, “The Robot,” last week.

Meanwhile, Steven Spielberg is employing a strategy similar to the one behind 2084he optioned the book Robopocalypse before Daniel H. Wilson was finished writing it.

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