Puzzle Game 2048 Will Make You Forget Flappy Bird Ever Existed

Between Candy Crush Saga, the anticipated return of Flappy Bird, and Threes, it seems safe to say that society doesn’t need another game to help pass the time.

Alas, a new number-crunching puzzle game called 2048 seems to be newest sensation in addictive games, CNET reports.

It’s relatively similar to Threes, but instead of matching threes, you match any two tiles with the same numbers. The goal is to match up enough tiles to total 2048 before you run out of room. It’s Threes on steroids, basically.

2048 is the creation of 19-year-old Italian programmer Gabriele Cirulli. The official game is only available on the Web or via its mobile site, but there are already plenty of clones popping up in the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Just three days after releasing the game on March 9, thousands of people were playing the game at one moment.

“The amount of man-hours spent playing this game will never be returned to humanity,” Cirulli tweeted.

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