Report: The 2020 Olympics could cost $30 billion, and the preparations already sound like a mess

Preparations for the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo are already off to a bumpy start.

According to USA Today’s Kirk Spitzer, an independent panel of experts found that the cost of the 2020 games could skyrocket from a planned $700 million to $30 billion.

The panel reportedly recommended that Tokyo organisers cancel plans to build new or temporary swimming and volleyball stadiums and move the rowing and canoeing competition to facilities 270 miles outside of Tokyo.

Tokyo governor Yuriko Koike, who appointed the panel, told Japanese newspaper Asahi Shimbun, “There is a good chance (the new Olympic facilities) could end up becoming a negative legacy. We need to consider things like relying on temporary facilities rather than constructing permanent ones.”

The findings hurt Japan’s bid, which included keeping 28 of 31 competition venues within a five-mile radius of a new Olympic village, according to Spitzer. Any changes to these plans would reportedly have to be approved by International Olympic Committee and individual sports federations.

Japan’s plans to build an “affordable, compact” games seem to already be coming to an end with the estimated rising costs. As Spitzer details, organisers are running into more problems. Plans for a new Olympic stadium for the opening and closing ceremonies have already been canceled due to rising costs. A cheaper stadium has been approved but, according to Spitzer, won’t be finished on time for the 2019 Rugby World Cup, which Tokyo is also hosting.

Additionally, though on a smaller scale of problems, the Tokyo 2020 logo had be changed after a Belgian designer said it was copied from a theatre design he produced two years earlier.

With Rome recently dropping out of the bidding for the 2024 Olympics due to the high costs, Tokyo’s current dilemma will not make hosting any more enticing for other nations.

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