Trump tweets triumphantly after Republicans are projected to retain the Senate but lose the House: ‘Tremendous success’

US President Donald Trump Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
  • President Donald Trump weighed in on Tuesday’s midterm elections via Twitter.
  • “Tremendous success tonight,” Trump tweeted. “Thank you to all!”
  • Despite Trump’s enthusiasm, it was a mixed night for the GOP. Democrats regained control of the House, while the GOP maintained control of the Senate.

President Donald Trump issued a triumphant tweet about Tuesday’s midterm elections despite the mixed results for the president’s party at the polls.

“Tremendous success tonight,” Trump said. “Thank you to all!”

While Trump’s tone was upbeat, Democrats regained control of the House of Representatives with major pick ups in suburban areas where the president’s approval rating is lower. Democrats were able to ride opposition to Trump to wins in more Democratic-leaning states like New York and deep-red states like Oklahoma. The victory for Democrats could open up the president to possible investigations and stymie the GOP’s policy progress.

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But Republicans made significant gains in the Senate, picking up key seats from incumbent Democrats in states where Trump won in 2016 and also turning back possible challenges in high-profile states like Texas. Holding the Senate gives Trump the opportunity to continue the historic pace of judicial nominations that have dominated the chamber’s calendar in recent months.

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The GOP also got major wins in toss-up governors races in states like Florida and Ohio, though Democrats did manage to pick up wins in a number of states like Illinois and Michigan.

Whether or not the night constitutes a “blue wave” for Democrats is unclear given the mixed results overall and the typical losses for the president’s party, but the split Congress will make life more difficult for the president.