Here are our biggest men's style predictions for 2016

Saint LaurentSaint LaurentThe rocker look will be everywhere in 2016.

The only way to truly stay ahead of a trend is to predict it.

We’ve gotten ahead of the curve and outlined some of the hottest trends and styles you’ll see blowing up this year.

From what we’ve seen on the street, on the runways, on the screen, and in the stores, here are 11 of our best predictions for the trends that will live and die in the new year.

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Suits will continue to loosen up a bit, but they will retain a trim fit.

The prevailing fit of suits will loosen slightly from that ultra-tight look men were sporting a few years ago. With a looser jacket fit, less of a 'v-shape' will be coming down from the bottom, the pants will be a little less slim, and less ankle will show.

Overall, suits will become a little more conservatively cut, but still trim.

Suits will also embrace more colour, but retain a conservative style.

Getty/Ethan Miller

As suits fit more conservatively, guys are looking for other ways to make it stand out. One of those ways will be with colour, we predict.

We're not talking anything crazy here. Maybe there will be a few more stripes and patterns, or a subtle weave in the suit, or instead of regular navy guys will opt for the trendier 'new navy,' which is just a brighter navy colour. This also extends to tuxedos, where we predict more men will explore midnight navy blue tuxedos when black tie is called for.

Athleisure will continue to dominate casual wear.

Trendy sportswear will continue to be seen in both the gym and on the footpath in 2016.

The gym-clothes-gone-luxury trend will continue to gain steam, sometimes intermingling with other aesthetics. Sweat clothing in particular will continue to be popular.

And sneakers will dominate casual footwear.

Sneakers of all stripes will be the most common thing seen on men's feet in 2016. From Nike's sporty luxury running shoes to New Balance's nostalgia-inspired sportswear to Common Project's minimalist luxury, sneakers of every shape, size, and cover will be popular.

Nike's new weatherproof boot-sneaker hybrid 'sneakerboot' ensures you may even see sneakers this winter.

Hair will start to get longer.

Sarah Jacobs

Men will start to wear their hair longer in 2016. Most barbers we've talked to in 2015 have said that men are already starting to prefer layered, textured cuts to the ultra-close-cropped barbershop style cuts that have been popular in past years. Fades are definitely on their way out.

The man bun will die (finally).

This is the year we finally admit to ourselves that, no, the man bun is not a style guys should emulate.

In 2016, the man bun trend will die the slow death it deserves, and men will look for neater, more dignified hairstyles.

Beards will start to disappear.

sergey causelove/Shutterstock
Chill on the beards, ok?

We reached peak beard a few years ago, and now the number of beards is so great that the opposite sex has started to prefer clean-shaven guys. (It seems people are most attracted to whichever is more rare.)

We predict men will start to realise that this year, and it will inspire the legions of beard-wearing men to pick up their long-neglected razor and go clean-shaven.

Pleats are going to start making a comeback.

OK, this one is a bit of a long shot. Maybe it's more a of hope than an actual prediction, but we believe 2016 is the year we finally give pleated pants the attention they deserve.

Unfairly derided as the ugly step-cousin of flat-front pants, most stylists spent the earlier part of the decade casting pleated pants into oblivion, writing them off as 'unflattering.'

And, yes they can be. But with the right pant and the right pleat, they can add interest to an otherwise plain outfit. New year, new pleated adventures.

The 'rocker' look will gain steam this year.

Everyone will want to look like a rock star this year.

Two of the trendiest items from the fall, Chelsea boots and biker jackets, will combine this year to create a rocker-inspired look everyone will be trying to emulate. Even Aziz Ansari sported the look in his new Netflix comedy, 'Master of None.'

Just make sure you leave the guyliner at home.

Prep and ivy-league style will continue its long decline.

Expect to see fewer brightly coloured polos and nautical stripes than last year. Even boat shoes are on their way out.

One prep staple, however, is the exception: the LL Bean Bean Boots will continue to dominate winter footwear, as they're more 'heritage,' which is gaining steam among the millennial masses looking for an authentic experience in their clothing.

'Techy' fabrics will continue to gain a foothold.

The high-tech fabrics found in luxury sportswear will also continue to make its way into regular-looking street clothes.

Uniqlo's Heattech line has a proprietary blend of synthetic fibres designed to keep you warm. Lululemon even sells a line of 'no-sweat' products designed to be worn on the street but made with their proprietary tech fabrics.

Men rediscover their wrists.

Whether it's an Apple Watch, a Fitbit, or a traditional watch, we predict most guys will have something they wear on their wrists every single day in 2016.

After all, it's one of the few accessories every guy can get away with.

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