This is the best thing you can do in the backseat of the 2016 Cadillac CT6

There’s a lot to love about Cadillac’s 2016 CT6.

The car is loaded with driver safety features, a 34-speaker sound system, and innovative details like wireless charging capabilities, and a real-time streaming rear-view mirror.

But argueably the car’s most luxurious features are located in the vehicle’s back seat.

There’s two retractable media screens, massage chairs, blinders, and three different kinds of charging ports.

But perhaps the best backseat feature is discreetly tucked away inside the middle armrest. Here you will find a small HDMI port where you can plug in just about any media streaming device.

This means you can simply plug in a Google Chromecast, a Roku, Amazon Fire TV Stick or even an Apple TV into the HDMI port and stream Netflix, Hulu, Youtube or whatever else you want directly from your smartphone or tablet to the retractable media screens. A USB port is located right next to the HDMI port so you can keep your streaming device powered.

And because the CT6 supports 4G LTE connectivity, you don’t have to worry about long loading times. You can also play DVDs or content stored on a thumbdrive on the media screen, but who does that anymore?

This might seem like a small thing, but surprisingly most automakers don’t offer this kind of port in their vehicles. Most entertainment systems in the backseat simply play DVDs. But who even has DVDs anymore?

Cadillac knows its on to something, so it’s planning to send out Chromecasts to all customers who purchased a 2016 CT6. So if you get the chance to ride in one, don’t call shotgun, volunteer to ride in the back and catch up on some Netflix.

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