The first 2016 Aston Martin Vulcan to reach the US is up for sale

Cleveland Motorsports Aston Martin VulcanCleveland Motorsports/duPont RegistryA 2016 Aston Martin Vulcan from Cleveland Motorsports

Aston Martin created something special when it built the 2016 Vulcan race car.

It’s one of those unreal automotive specimens: it’s not just blindingly quick. It’s not just garishly handsome. It doesn’t just cost as much as 47 single-family homes in Cleveland, Ohio — it’s all of those things.

The Vulcan is also quite rare, because Aston Martin will only dispatch 24 of them worldwide, and only three Vulcans will park in the US. At least one of them arrived in the Midwest last fall, according to the automotive blog, The Supercar Kids.

Writer Phil Bradley noted that a Cleveland supercar dealer took delivery of the 200-mph Vulcan in November. Local news site helpfully documented the arrival:

That car is now officially up for sale. And with a production run as small as this (remember, there will only be 24 of them in the world), you shouldn’t be surprised that the listing price is this large: $3,400,000. That’s more than $1 million over Aston Martin’s $2.3 million ask.

The first US-spec, 2016 Aston Martin Vulcan is listed for sale on the duPont Registry via Cleveland Motorsports. This example is wearing Fiamma Red paint and holds two black Recaro racing seats that can only be described as intergalactic.

2016 Aston Martin VulcanCleveland Motorsports/duPont RegistryThey have a lot going on.

You can see the full duPont Registry listing here.

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