2015 Will Be The Year Of Exercise And Delegating More

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The New Year has arrived. 2015 was welcomed in across the globe with fireworks and parties, and on the stroke of midnight people kissed their loved ones and strangers alike. Then they drank some more and sometime on January 1 they woke, many decidedly hung-over, to make resolutions about what they would do more of and less of.

I am no exception and made bold pronouncements about exercising more and eating less.

Alongside my New Year’s resolution, I pick a word or statement that defines the year I’d like to have. In 2013 the word was “fun” in which I set about trying to be less serious and more fun loving. Last year, after a decade of sleeping six hours or less and just about losing my mind with fatigue, was “8 hours sleep”. In 2015 I have decided to “delegate” more.

So what’s the resolution that goes with my statement for 2015?

For more than a decade now I have woken on the first day of the New Year and resolved to shed 10 kgs and this year was no different. During that time, I have tried all the name brands diets which did work. While I stuck to their eating and exercise plans seemingly the kilograms just fell away. Then boredom set in because their food and tiny portion sizes aren’t my norm. I love to cook exotic dishes and eat them with gusto and I know I don’t exercise enough.

To remedy my lack of regular exercise, each morning since we have been back from holidays I have risen early and in the post-dawn hour I have walked at least 5 kms along the Swan River. As I have powered along the water’s edge, rediscovering muscles that haven’t been used for months, I have been greeted by cheery “good mornings” from people of all ages, shapes and sizes. Cyclists in packs have whizzed by and dogs have dived into the river for a morning swim, only to upset the mirror like finish and jolt a few kayakers from their gentle paddle.

Since I have been using my newly purchased trainers in anger I have lost a bit of weight and have more aching muscles than not. But more than this, the enjoyable walk helps me to start the day feeling that I have accomplished something and I am certainly sleeping better at night.

However, if this year were to follow the usual pattern, after about a month of my early morning exercise life starts to get in the way. By February my day job and extracurricular activities are back to their usual frenetic pace so, rather than walk, I use the early mornings to work uninterrupted at home – often getting more done then than I do for the rest of the day. As soon as the computer beckons rather than the walk, I know that I am on a slippery slope. To try to keep the end goal in mind, I keep visible a picture of the thin me in which I have chiselled cheekbones and look 10 years younger.

However appealing the image might be though, it does not sustain me and by Easter exercise has fallen by the wayside. At that point I give up for another year and add to my ever growing collection of fat pants that even Bridget Jones would envy.
How will this year be any different?

In 2015 I am determined to finally shed those pesky and unwanted 10 kilograms. I will be the thin me. How? I will delegate more so I can make exercise a priority. By combining this year’s resolution with my chosen word for 2015 I hope I have created the winning formula to be thin and youthful looking once more.

Marion Fulker

Marion Fulker has struggled with an extra 10 kilograms coming and going since her early twenties. She is the CEO of the Committee for Perth, a private sector funded think tank and an Adjunct Senior Research Fellow at The University of Western Australia.

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