2014 WAS THE THIRD HOTTEST YEAR ON RECORD: There Were 6 Heatwaves In Australia Last Year

(Photo by Paul Kane/Getty Images)

A warm winter, a few heatwaves and a couple of warm spells made 2014 the third hottest year on record, the Bureau of Meteorology says.

The hottest year since records began in 1910 was 2013 when temperatures were 1.20°C warmer than average.

Assistant Director for Climate Information Services, Neil Plummer, said in 2014 much of Australia experienced temperatures well above average with mean temperatures 0.91°C above the long-term average.

“Particularly warm conditions occurred in spring 2014, which was Australia’s warmest spring on record,” he said.

”El Niño-like effects were felt in drier and warmer conditions in much of eastern Australia during 2014.”

Here are some facts about 2014’s weather.

Rainfall was near average for the year, with 478mm (1961–1990 average 465mm).

There were six heatwaves and warm spells, including one of southeast Australia’s most prolonged heatwaves in mid-January.

Four tropical cyclones made landfall during 2014, with tropical cyclone Ita the most intense; crossing the coast near Cooktown as a category 4 system, bringing rainfall totals in excess of 300mm.

It was a stormy spring -- particularly for Brisbane which copped a number of severe thunderstorms in late November bringing with it flash flooding, large hailstones and destructive winds.

An intense low off the New South Wales coast in August brought more than 100mm of rain to some parts of the coast and flooded parts of Sydney's CBD.

The ocean was warm. Temperatures were 0.49°C above average for the year to November.

Here’s the video.

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