TEASER: This Is The First Official Image Of The 2013 Viper

When we told you last month that the 2013 Viper would be marketed as a product of Chrysler’s performance SRT division and not as a Dodge, we did not have any images of the new car to share.

That has now changed as Chrysler just released the first teaser of the new car on the SRT Facebook page.

As with any teaser image, there isn’t all that much you can tell about the car. We can definitively report that it appears this car will feature a hoodscoop, the traditional Viper badge, a windshield, two sideview mirrors, and what could quite possibly be headlights.

What the image does convey is that the Viper has carried over a number of styling cues from the old car. It also looks downright sinister.

Hopefully it maintains that appearance in the light.

Take a look at the full image below:

2013 SRT Viper Teaser Image

Photo: DriveSRT Facebook Page

Real images of the car should appear in the next few months.

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