The New Ford Fusion Is Coming To A NASCAR Track Near You

The redesigned Ford Fusion will lead Ford’s assault on the top tier NASCAR Sprint Cup Series starting in 2013.

One criticism that has been levied at NASCAR over the last few years is the lack of identity that each car had. They all appeared to be decals on the same basic car.

For 2013, the cars will be making an effort to return to brand differentiation. As such, Ford design worked hand in hand with Ford Racing so the street and race cars felt related to each other.

But that relationship ends with the appearance. The Sprint Cup Fusion is powered by a big V8, is rear wheel drive, and definitely does not offer any hybrid options. We do find the EcoBoost badges confusing, since that only applies to Ford’s range of turbocharged engines and not their massive NASCAR units.

Here’s our first look at the new car:

2013 Ford Fusion NASCAR

[credit provider=”NASCAR/Ford”]

The new Fusion will make its race debut at the 2013 Daytona 500.

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