Big, Beautiful Photos Of The 2013 Cadillac XTS

2013 cadillac xts review cue system luxury

Photo: Alex Davies

I just spent three days with the XTS, the new luxury sedan from Cadillac, and it was great.For $45,000 to $60,000, Cadillac’s XTS is so good, my main complaints are imperfect voice recognition and the loss of the visceral feel of the road that less insulated cars provide.

Read my full review, and take a look at the photos from my test drive to see what makes this such an excellent automobile.

I drove a fully loaded Platinum version, worth $60,385.

The interior is chock full of leather, wood grain, and hand stitching.

On the Platinum edition, the polished aluminium wheels are 19 inches.

The large sun roof only happens halfway.

The front seat has 45.8 inches of legroom, and 40.1 inches headroom.

The backseat is spacious, too: 40 inches headroom, 37.8 inches headroom.

This refined mesh grille is exclusive to the Platinum model.

The XTS comes in front wheel drive and all wheel drive; I had the latter.

The side mirrors are heated to melt snow and ice in winter.

The steering wheel is heated, too.

So are the seats.

The rear doors and sun roof come equipped with sun screens.

The LED tail lamps are tall and thin.

The Bose sound system has 14 speakers in the Premium and Platinum collections; less expensive models have eight speakers.

The car's speed and local speed limit are projected onto the windshield.

When the car is in reverse, the CUE screen shows the view from a rear-mounted camera.

The glove box, where the CD player is located, is opened with a button next to the CUE screen.

There's a handy spot for a smartphone tucked under the armrest.

The CUE system provides the weather, as well as Pandora Internet Radio.

The touch screen gets smudgy quickly.

That's why there's a cloth to wipe it clean.

The dashboard can be easily customised to display different information.

The radio, dashboard display, and more can be controlled via buttons on the wheel.

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