Survey Shows the World's Next Mark Zuckerberg Really Wants To Quit Your Company And Go It Alone

Most of the respondents to a recent survey say they want to quit their jobs to become entirely independent, and more than half would call themselves entrepreneurs.

oDesk and Gen Y consulting firm Millennial Branding yesterday announced results of a new study, “Millennials and the Future of Work, which highlights a growing desire for independence, as well as a new take on the definition of entrepreneur.


The survey, conducted by independent research firm Genesis Research Associates, examines perspectives on the future of work from 3,193 freelancers worldwide, including 1,958 Millennials (19 – 30 years old).

Key results include:

  • 72% of those still at “regular” jobs want to quit to be entirely independent; 61% say they likely will within two years
  • Freedom is the top reason those at “regular” jobs would like to quit; and 89% say they prefer to work when and where they choose (versus in a corporate, 9 – 5 job)
  • 90% of independent workers indicated that being an entrepreneur reflects having a certain mindset (rather than being strictly defined as having started a company)
  • Of the freelancing Millennials surveyed, 58% of those familiar with the term “entrepreneur” classify themselves as one

In the technology industry especially, success stories have inspired a younger generation to go it alone, pursuing their own business ideas rather than pulling a nine-to-five for a boss, CEO of oDesk Gary Swart told Business Insider.

“There is no question that the stories of Mark Zuckerberg and others like him have made these entrepreneurs role models for their generation.

“Millennials are pushing back against traditional work barriers at hierarchical organizations that require slow, staggered career progression,” Swart said.

Technology especially has “democratised entrepreneurship,” and there is also a lot of support for entrepreneurs in the startup world, Swart explained.

For the younger generation or business-hopefuls, it is not just about making money either, Swart said.

“The young generation today is learning to dream big, and one of their defining traits is the desire for impact — to create something cool, but in doing so also have a positive impact on the world.

“‘Social entrepreneurship’ is a huge factor driving the rise of the independent mindset the survey found (which urges professionals to follow their own paths).

oDesk is the world’s largest online workplace, enabling businesses and freelancers to work together on demand via the Internet.

Check out the complete findings of the survey here.

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