2012 UPDATE: GOP Presidential Hopefuls On Libya

Newt Gingrich

potential GOP presidential candidates’ comments on Libya today, noting that the potential candidates toeing a thin line between support for the military action and criticism of President Obama. One notable exception is Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, who has declined to critique Obama’s handling of the crisis. The biggest flip-flopper? Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, who blasted the intervention on the Today Show this morning, despite calling for air strikes against Qaddafi earlier this month.

Republicans are out-recruiting Democrats in the fight for 2012 Senate candidates, Politico’s David Cantanese reports. The GOP has found top contenders in seven crucial races and two more viable candidates are contemplating a run. The Dems, however, still haven’t found any one big to run in Massachusetts or Nevada, two key opportunities for the Democrats to pick up seats. Moreover, DNC Chairman Tim Kaine – the Democratic heavyweight in the crucial Virginia race – is still very much on the fence, which “underscores the grimness of the 2012 Senate map for Democrats.”

Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani hasn’t ruled out a 2012 presidential bid, the Palm Beach Post reports. The 2008 GOP candidate told a Florida audience last night that he would think about launching another campaign if it looked like the GOP was leaning too far to the right:  “If all we are faced with are candidates that are too far right so that they can’t win the general election, then that’s when I’d reconsider doing it,” he said. Giuliani has also been testing the waters in New Hampshire, apparently trying to make amends with primary voters he snubbed the last time around.


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