In Pictures: Why Troops Themselves Make The Best defence Reporters

MilBlogging 2012

Photo: BI Military & defence

We had a treat last weekend and attended the 2012 Milblogging Conference in Arlington, Va.Check out the story here >

As a direct testament to this digital era of Facebook, Twitter, and other social media — we kept recognising bloggers before being formally introduced.

It was great to finally meet the good people behind the names we often write about here at BI Military & defence.

As blogger Boston Maggie (of fierce U.S. Navy pride) said: “Milblogging is about building a bridge between those who serve and others, on any platform.”

We couldn’t agree more. Now check out who’s who.

Laptops powered on as soon as we took our seats — here's Jonn Lilyea of This Ain't Hell

What's a conference without swag?

Austin Wright (Politico) and Greg Jaffe (Washington Post) share their thoughts on the relationship between the military, the media, and their own jobs — a few barbs were exchanged*

Jaffe on today's news outlet options: 'If all we have is Politico, I think we're screwed. I hope there's a demographic for the Washington Post or else we're screwed.'

Austin: '...I think I'm the youngest Washington Post subscriber.'

Ben King of armour Down lines up to ask a question. True to blogger form, he was tweeting the whole time he was up there

None other than Boston Maggie

Michael Bailey — the Mad Medic — steps up to the mic. The panel on military benefits sparked a lot more questions

Troy Steward of, live streaming the conference from a video cam and 2 laptops in the front row

Mil spouse bloggers are a force to be reckoned with — here's Jacey Eckhart, editor of the network

JP — founder of the original — is something of a legend

1st Lt. Hannah He of ArmyStrongStories says she blogged about daily life in Iraq, and just continued the habit when she came home

Marine Corps veteran Paul Szoldra (right) of and the Duffel Blog — with Michael Bailey

Tara Crooks of Army Wife Network is recognised as a milblogger who had an impact

Matt Burden of BlackFive, a go-to military blog that tells stories the traditional media sometimes avoids, helps wrap up the conference

Not everything makes the headlines — milbloggers make up the difference

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