2012 Frontrunner Ron Paul Still Unsure If He's Running For President

On CNBC this morning, Ron Paul was asked about the surprising CPAC straw poll win that vaulted him into frontrunner status for the 2012 election.

So is he running?

He says he’s “leaning towards undecided.”

Here are some other key points:

  • “Nobody wants to attack the dollar because as long as the dollar is the reserve standard and we’re willing to bail out everybody I think other countries are going to do what they can to protect the dollar.”
  • “If they need us to bailout Greece, let me tell you, we buy up all other bad assets; we might as well buy up their’s.”
  • “Everybody talks about cutting in Washington, but nobody admits that this country is bankrupt.”
  • “I believe in strong regulation by the market place, that is- when you don’t provide a service or you get in over your head you go bankrupt and you go to the bankruptcy courts and you live up to your contracts. Government regulations never work, all they do is bias toward one group versus the other.”

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