You've Officially Blown Your Chance To Live On Mars

Mars oneMars OneAn artist’s illustration of the first Mars One settlement.

If you haven’t already applied for a one-way trip to Mars — you’ve officially missed your chance. Sorry.

The application phase of the Mars One Astronaut Selection program is now closed. The open call for space settlers went out in April and received interest from 78,000 people in less than one month.

According to Mars One, 202,586 people from 140 different countries filled out online applications by the deadline on Aug. 31. The program also requires participants to make an application video, which is made available for the public to watch.

Here are some of our favourite candidates.

The majority of applicants — 24% — come from the United States, followed by India, China, and Brazil.

A group of 40 astronauts, in groups of four, will ultimately be chosen to live on Mars. The plan is for the first group to leave Earth for the Red Planet in 2022 and then be followed every two years by more groups.

Mars One is developed by Dutch entrepreneur Bas Lansdorp and will be funded in part by by turning the event into a reality TV show. Lansdorp estimates that the mission will cost $US6 billion.

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