YACHT OF THE DAY: The $200 Million Superboat That Is Shaped Like A Whale

The most expensive yacht ever hasn’t been built yet, but the designs from Glass Deco International and Puresang look incredible.

“The Beluga, Emperor Of The Seven Seas” is shaped like a whale and it would cost $200 million. Features include a swimming pool, club-style lounge areas and even has luxurious life boats.

Naturally, The Beluga has a pretentious promo video, which includes two minutes of voiceover talking about “retronizing the horizon” before it even gets to the boat.

Watch the video below or click here for photos >

The Beluga / Emperor of the seven seas from puresang on Vimeo.

The Beluga: Emperor of the Seven Seas yacht has a futuristic look

The deck features several amenities...

...including a pool...

...and lounge chairs for relaxing

The interior carries the futuristic design

There are several lounge areas to accommodate many guests

Entertain behind the bar

Even the rescue boat looks luxurious

Can't afford $200 million? Check out this yacht for $154 million

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