15 Unintentionally Inappropriate Domain Names

speedo butt

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Some people are really naive.They’re so naive that when they buy a domain name, like SpeedOfArt.com, they don’t notice the double entendre.

We found the funniest, most inappropriate-sounding domain names and gathered screenshots to prove their innocence.

Pen Island will sell you the best pens ever at penisland.net

You should use whorepresents.com to find a celebrity's agent, not to buy gifts.

If you don't like your body, it's not worth visiting dollarsexchange.com. It's for people looking to trade American money.

Dickson Data got smart and redirected their dirty-sounding url, dicksonweb.com, to dicksondata.com.

Choosespain.com provides pain-free Spain vacation rentals.

Teacherstalk.com got smart and is selling its domain name. Who will the buyer be, a community of teachers or creepers?

You'll be happy to know that therapist.com has a clinical purpose.

Unfortunately, this local California paper's name doesn't look good as a domain: wintersexpress.com

Who'd have thought nycanal.com had historical value?

Speedofart.com is for art enthusiasts, not flatulent swimmers.

Childrenswear.co.uk is for clothing, not fresh kids.

Budget.co.ck helps you plan trips to the Cook Islands, not a find cheap partner.

Gotahoe.com is for Lake Tahoe tourism, not desperate men. Now it redirects to Gotahoenorth.com

For fishermen (not perverts), there's masterbait.com. It'd be worse if the company put its full name in the domain, Master Bait & Tackle.

In case you didn't know, there's amigonefuneralhome.com.

For more interesting domain names, check out:

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