20 Ways The Recession Has Changed How Young Adults See The World

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Photo: Pew Social & Demographic Trends

It’s hard to be a young adult these days, according to a report released this morning by the Pew Research centre.Suffering from shockingly high rates of unemployment, millennials have harder lives than their parents by most accounts. Parents even expect young adults to be financially dependent till they turn 25.

Even as young adults struggle to find jobs, however, they remain optimistic about the future.

Most older adults don't expect their children to be financially independent before the age of 25.

People are most likely to say that young adults suffered most in the recession.

Most people say this generation is having a harder time than their parents.

Most people say young women are having a harder time than young men.

Most people are, however, optimistic about the future for millennials

Young adults also remain optimistic about their own future.

Unemployed young adults are slightly less optimistic about their future prospects.

These days people care more about job security than pay.

Only 20 per cent of them are very satisfied with their financial situation.

Young adults with jobs are less dissatisfied with their pay than in 1996

Unemployed young adults are much less satisfied with their income than in 2006.

Almost half of young adults have taken a job just to pay the bills.

Half of black young adults have gone back to school.

Younger workers feel that their current jobs are just a stepping stone to their career.

Almost half of college graduates feel that their current job is their career.

Family is a priority for a majority of young adults.

Having a successful marriage is more important for them than owning a home.

Young adults do not believe they have sufficient education or training needed to get ahead.

Those working towards a degree are confident that they will be able to find another job.

And how about American counterparts abroad?

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