20 Ways To Supercharge Your Learning Ability


Study Group

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  • “Learning occurs best when important information is selected from less important ideas, when selected information is organised graphically, when associations are built among ideas and when understanding is regulated through self-testing”
  • Know the rules your brain works by and general tips for getting smarter.
  • A negative attitude increases motivation to learn. Cheerful students think they’re doing well but have lower GPA’s. Good moods can harm your memory.
  • Being social before a test increases performance.
  • Testing yourself is the best way to study — even if you fail the tests.
  • “A well-timed sugary drink, 30 minutes to an hour before you have to remember or take notice of something particularly well should improve how well you remember it.” Or just have coffee and a doughnut.
  • Turn off the music and don’t study in groups.
  • Gesturing improves your ability to learn.
  • Do not forget your good luck charm.
  • Talk to yourself.
  • Take naps after you study.
  • Doodle.
  • Don’t be afraid to fail. In fact, you might want to do it deliberately.
  • The Socratic method works.
  • Teach others.
  • Find a way to relate to the material.
  • Turn off the computer and write by hand.
  • There is a way to increase learning as you sleep.
  • Don’t cram. Spacing out learning is a powerful way to increase performance.
  • More tips are here and here.

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