One of these stunning images will win Sony's Mobile Phone Award

Atle Ronningen Mobile Phone Award Atle Ronningen‘On the Edge,’ by Atle Rønningen.

For the first time ever, a prize for the best photo taken with a mobile phone will be given at the Sony World Photography Awards.

The panel received 10,293 entries from amateur and professional photographers all over the world. Believe it or not, all of these images were taken with a cell phone.

20 photos have been selected for the shortlist. Anyone can vote by visiting the World Photography Organisation’s web site and “liking” their favourite photo. Voting closes March 17.

The winner will be announced at the 2015 Sony World Photography Awards gala ceremony on April 23, along with the winners in other categories.

A bridge disappears into the fog in this photo by Helen Whelton of the UK.

A sailor hits an obstacle in this photo by Carla Vermeend of the Netherlands.

Craig Atkinson's photo shows two young ones at a wedding at Tatton Park, a historic estate in the U.K.

Italy's Salvatore Calafato captures a couple lounging on a beach.

A priest walks by a risqué advertisement in this photo by Emanual Faria of Portugal.

French photographer Gerard Trang shot this architecturally stunning library in Stuttgart, Germany.

Iran's Hamed Nazari has two photos on the shortlist. This one shows the interior of the Imam Reza shrine in Mashhad, Iran.

This one shows two girls swinging in the town of Shahid Beheshti, Iran.

Iceland's Henny Gylfa spotted this scene in Brooklyn.

Hungarian photographer Janos Schmidt also has two photos on the shortlist. Here, two maids take a cigarette break in Budapest.

And here, the Nyugati train station makes for an eerie scene.

Portugal's Monica Coteriano captures a girl swimming in the ocean.

Russian photographer Olga Nazarova freezes motion beautifully.

Nuno Perestrelo of Portugal shows a lone figure on a sunny street.

Misha Vallejo of Ecuador is the last of the photographers to be shortlisted twice. This photo is titled 'Communications.'

And in 'River play,' Vallejo captures a moment of fun.

Italian photographer Luca Laghetti created this surreal scene.

A boy plays with a goat in this photo by Ako Salemi of Iran.

Poland's Ryszard Kazimierczak creates an eerie silhouette.

And a man stands dangerously close to the edge in this photo by Atle Rønningen of Norway.

Now compare them to photos taken with a traditional camera.

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