20 Of Hollywood's Shortest Celebrities

KardashianKhloe Kardashian is almost a foot taller than her sisters.

It’s often very hard to tell how tall a celebrity is just from seeing them on the big screen or TV. So it shouldn’t be surprising that some celebs are much shorter than they appear.

Kim and Kourtney Kardashian barely break the five foot mark even with heels.

They aren’t the only A-listers on the short list. 


Woody Allen's leading ladies tower over his 5'5

With big heels, Clare Grant towers over 5'4

Even with heels, 5'5


Sharon Osbourne, who's also 5'2,

Kanye West stands eight inches taller than 5'2


Hayden Panettiere doesn't look 5'0

Both Kristen Bell and Oscar-nominated Anna Kendrick look tall side-by-side, but they're 5'1

At 5'0,

Celebuzz put together an infographic highlighting many of the shortest male actors ...

See which short actors make big bucks ...

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