20 People Injured At G2 Phone Giveaway --  One Woman Brought A Spear

About 20 people were injured in a crush at an event promoting LG’s new G2 phone in South Korea. At the event, the company promised to give away 100 of the new phones free. All they had to do was catch a coupon tied to a floating helium balloon.

As the video below shows, a bunch of people showed up — including one woman carrying a large spear (presumably to pop balloons, not people). The Verge said there were reports of people with BB guns at the event. When the balloons were released, the crowd rushed forward, and people can be heard screaming on the video (around 1.45).

It’s not clear whether the spear caused any of the injuries.

The company said it would pay for any medical expenses, according to The Verge.

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