20 Incredible Dollhouses Built By Famous Architects

These dollhouses are a far cry from the traditional Victorian models many of us played with as kids.

British property developers Cathedral Group commissioned 20 architects to build these miniature houses, which will be put up for auction at Bonhams in London on Nov. 11. The proceeds will benefit KIDS, a British charity that provides support to children with disabilities.

Each of the designers incorporated an element that would make life easier for a child with a disability.

“They were told go and be creative, and they have been, amazingly so,” Martyn Evans, Cathedral Group’s creative director, said to Wired.

Bidding has begun online, with many designs running at steep prices. Zaha Hadid’s foldable dollhouse is far and away the most expensive, with a current bidding rate of 10,500 pounds, or roughly $US16,700.

ADJAYE ASSOCIATES: This dollhouse has a courtyard and large windows that let in plenty of light, just like in a regular-sized contemporary home.

AMODELS: 'Elvis' Tree House' is based on a real playground in Southampton and features figurines of the King of Rock 'n' Roll.

MORAG MYERSCOUGH & LUKE MORGAN: This model features the coral reefs and palm trees of a tropical paradise.

MAKLAB & BURRO HAPPOLD: Kids can customise this house by stacking the walls and floors in a wide range of combinations.

GLENN HOWELLS ARCHITECTS: This is an imitation of an actual terraced residence, with timber walls children with impaired vision can touch to learn about living in a house.

HLM: The sounds bounced off of the various spaces in this dollhouse help visually impaired children form global spatial images.

ZAHA HADID ARCHITECTS: This design is set up as an interactive puzzle that allows children to create many different rooms or courtyards for their dolls.

FAT ARCHITECTURE: Dolls can live like real adults in this miniature reproduction of London's Balfron Tower.

DUGGAN MORRIS ARCHITECTS: The designers consulted with parents of autistic children to develop this plan, which can be arranged in a stack or as individual rooms.

MAKE ARCHITECTS: The 26 individually designed houses can be put together like a jigsaw puzzle.

DRMM: The coloured adjustable pieces on the outside of this dollhouse are designed to support visual communication for a hearing-impaired child.

SHEDKM: The different levels of this design rotate around a center axis like a Rubik's cube.

STUDIO EGRET WEST: Each of the seven different pieces of this puzzle-like house contains its own miniature object, including a staircase, gold chain, and propellor.

JAMES RAMSEY RAAD STUDIOS: The story of Hansel and Gretel is written in Braille on the top of this dollhouse.

LIFSCHUTZ DAVIDSON SANDILANDS: These miniature compartments can be stacked together to form a city of dollhouses.

GUY HOLLAWAY: With the flip of a switch, a simple jack-in-the box grows to become this inflatable structure.

DRDH ARCHITECTS: This house is modelled after a theatre, complete with stage, dressing rooms, and scenery.

DEXTER MOREN: Playrooms can be accessed from every side of the design, which encourages children to look, listen, and touch.

COFFEY ARCHITECTURE: This concrete house even has its own bonsai tree and herb garden.

ALLFORD HALL MONAGHAN MORRIS: Bright colours and textures are aids for visually-impaired children, while the yellow Beetle in the front yard is a fun touch.

Now see some other amazing designs.

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