Here are the 20 billion-dollar startups that pay the highest salaries

The tech industry is downright infested with super rich startups whose investors have valued the companies at over $US1 billion.

They call these startups “unicorns” because, even a few short years ago, a startup worth $US1 billion was as rare as a unicorn.

While they aren’t rare today, they do have a couple of benefits.

All that cash has allowed these companies to pay their employees extremely well. All that cash has also given most of them the funding they need to grow big and financially successful faster than they would have otherwise been able to do it (providing they don’t run themselves aground).

With that in mind, here’s a look at the highest paying unicorns, according to data from Glassdoor, along with their latest valuation, according to Crunchbase.

All of these are median annual base salaries, not including bonuses or other pay, across all job titles, as reported by employees over the past two years. Each company had at least 30 self-reported employee salaries.

1. Cloudera: $US142,240 (Valuation: $US4.1 billion)

2. Jawbone: $US130,000 ($US3.0 billion)

3. Medallia: $US121,920 ($US1.25 billion)

4. Pinterest: $US118,420 ($US11.2 billion)

5. Dropbox: $US116,840 ($US10.35 billion)

6. Airbnb: $US116,840 ($US25.5 billion)

7. Kabam: $US116,840 ($US1.02 billion)

8. AppDynamics: $US114,218 ($US1.0 billion)

9. Credit Karma: $US111,760 ($US3.5 billion)

10. Okta: $US110,000 ($US1.2 billion)

11. MongoDB: $US109,728 ($US1.35 billion)

12. Palantir Technologies:$US105,000 ($US20 billion)

13. Twilio: $US105,000 ($US1.03 billion)

14. AppNexus: $US104,550 ($US1.19 billion)

15. Uber: $US101,600 ($US51 billion)

16. Eventbrite: $US101,600 ($US1.06 billion)

17. Zuora: $US96,736 ($US1.12 billion)

18. Gilt Groupe: $US95,000 ($US1.15 billion)

19. DocuSign: $US85,000 ($US3 billion)

20. MediaMath: $US80,264 ($US1.07 billion)

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