20 of the fastest growing business apps in 2016

One of the interesting side effects of the cloud computing revolution: We now have all kinds of new ways to discover which apps people are using for work.

That’s why Zapier was able to create this list of the fastest-growing apps in 2016, according to its network.

Zapier is like an IFTTT for business apps. It lets people connect their work apps together to tasks and automatically move data between them. It boasts 1.5 million registered users who have hooked up over 750 business apps.

By looking at which apps are used the most all day on its network, Zapier determined which apps were rising in popularity.

It divided its analysis into two parts: the fastest-growing established apps and the fastest-growing new apps, which doesn’t necessarily mean new-to-market apps, but those that are new the Zapier network.

No. 10 overall: Airtable is an easy-to-use online database that bills itself as a cross between a spreadsheet and a database.


No. 9 overall: Acuity Scheduling is a service that lets clients check the business' calendar and schedule appointments themselves.

Acuity Scheduling

No. 8 overall: HubSpot CRM is a free 'customer relationship management' tool that salespeople use to manage their interactions with customers and prospects.


No. 7 overall: Agile CRM is a CRM tool that comes with online marketing tools.

Agile CRM

No. 6 overall: OmniFocus is a popular to-do app for the 'Getting Things Done' time management system.


No. 5 overall: Google Sheets is a popular spreadsheet used as an alternative to Excel.


No. 4 overall: HubSpot is a popular cloud service that handles email, online and social media marketing campaigns.


No. 3 overall: Office 365 is Microsoft's growing online productivity suite.

Office 365

No. 2 overall: ActiveCampaign is a cloud service that helps companies do email marketing.


No. 1 overall: Slack is hot team communication and collaboration tool.


No. 10 new: Facebook Lead Ads is new ad product.


No. 9 new: Google Forms is an online form and survey creation tool that's been updated with new features.


No 8 new: Calendly is a popular meeting-time finder that has added an application programming interface (API). The API makes it possible to integrate it Calendly with other apps.


No. 7 new: ConvertKit is an email marketing tool that's specifically geared for bloggers.


No. 6 new: MeisterTask is a task management app focused on the Kanban board project management method, which uses coloured sticky notes.


No. 5 new: ClickFunnels is a landing page builder that helps businesses sell their products online.

Click Funnels

No. 4 new: Kajabi, the popular online course management platform, has added an API, meaning other apps can tap into it to work together.


No. 3 new: Excel Online, the online version of the long-time favourite spreadsheet leader, has added an API, meaning other apps can now tap into it to work together.


No. 2 new: Basecamp 3, the latest version of the popular project management tool from Basecamp, has added an API, meaning other apps can tap into it to work together.

Basecamp 3

No. 1 new: Chatfuel for Facebook is an app that lets anyone create their own artificially intelligent chat bot.


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