People are recreating celebrities in 'Fallout 4' and their faces look amazing

“Fallout 4” is on track to become one of the most popular games of the year, and that’s partly because you can create a nearly limitless variety of custom characters.

From the handsome:

To the hideous:

And everything in-between:

But some players are taking a more specific approach: re-creating celebrities, sports stars, and other famous faces, then posting them to web forums like NeoGAF.

Here we explore the 20 best of that approach — for better and for worse.

Hulk Hogan has seen better days.

Looks like Beavis and Butthead finally got together!

Yes, of course people are re-creating their favourite video game characters. Here's Revolver Ocelot, from the 'Metal Gear Solid' series.

Bethesda Game Studios

Without a hat, Walter White (portrayed by actor Bryan Cranston) is still terrifying.

Even with that sweater! Still terrifying!

And yes, wrestlers also feature prominently. Here we have Seth Rollins, AKA 'The Architect.'

A simple Keanu Reeves will not do. Here we have Reeves as John Wick, his character in...'John Wick.'

Someone's been re-watching 'The Wire!' This is Detective Jimmy McNulty (portrayed by Dominic West).

Soccer star David Beckhan has his characteristic chiselled jawline and perfectly coiffed hair.

And, uh, yep, that's Hitler. Are you surprised that he looks angry? He's not exactly known for his winning smile.

This attempt at Bruce Campbell is pretty spot-on, and just in time for his new show!

Despite Woody Harrelson's many, many memorable roles, here he is as his character from 'Kingpin.'

Russian president Vladimir Putin can't help but look dashing all the time.

It's not clear if this was intended as Grace Jones in her role as May Day in 'A View to a Kill,' but it's pretty darn close.

This lady was described as Uma Thurman in 'Pulp Fiction,' right after being shot with adrenaline. Highly specific references!

Like Revolver Ocelot before him, this is an attempt at Joel from 'The Last of Us.' This may be a bit too put together.

It's certain that Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) would be less than thrilled with both his attire and his house, but this is a pretty strong facsimile.

In maybe the best re-creation of all, this is 'Locke' from J.J. Abrams show 'Lost' (portrayed by Terry O'Quinn).

And finally: The 'Idiot Abroad' himself, Karl Pilkington, finally made his way to the future apocalypse of 'Fallout 4.'

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