20 Celebrities Who Insured Their Body Parts For Millions

Heidi Klum and Holly Madison are among the stars who have reportedly insured body parts for millions.

We insure our homes, our cars and our lives; however, when it comes to Hollywood, some stars have much more at stake. Powerful singing voices, quads and even smiles come at a price. If anything ever happened to the Boss‘ vocals, David Beckham‘s legs or Julia Roberts‘ killer smile, they would be out of a paycheck. 

Therefore, it makes sense that the biggest A-listers would take out insurance policies to cover their assets. We’ve compiled 20 celebs who reportedly have policies on everything from legs to vocals. 

From Jennifer Lopez to Heidi Klum, see how much celebrities bodies are worth. 

Bette Davis

Body Part: waist

Insurance: $28,000

(via Glamorati)

Jimmy Durante

Body Part: Nose

Insurance: $50,000

(via Christian Science Monitor)

Dolly Parton

Body Part: Bosom

Insurance: $600,000

(via ABC News)

Holly Madison


Keith Richards

Body Part: hands

Insurance: $1.6 million

(via Yahoo)


Body Part: Breasts

Insurance: $2 million

(via Yahoo)

Heidi Klum

Jamie Lee Curtis

Body Part: Legs

Insurance: $2.8 million reportedly

(via MillionTalks)

Tina Turner

Body Part: Legs

Insurance: $3.2 million

'Yeah, I always had long legs. When I was young, I used to think, 'Why do I look like a little pony?'' Turner told Oprah in 2005. 'I didn't know how to buy clothes for that. As I grew up, I learned what worked for me. That's where the short dresses came from. And you can't dance in a long dress.'

(via Yahoo/The Oprah Magazine)

Kylie Minogue

Body Part: Buttocks

Insurance: $5 million

'I really don't know what all the fuss is about,' Minogue told ShowbizSpy. 'It's all smoke and mirrors. I get a lot of help to look like that in my videos.'

(via MSN)

Bruce Springsteen

Body Part: Vocal chords

Insurance: $6 million

(via ABC News)

Daniel Craig

Craig insured his body for $9.5 million while filming 'Quantum of Solace' since he did many of his own stunts.

'He does a lot more than Pierce used to do,' 'Quantum' chief stunt coordinator Gary Powell told The Guardian, 'and he's allowed to because he's capable of doing it. He thinks, 'You're paying to see me, and that's me doing it.' He wants the audience to know.'

(via MSN/The Guardian)

America Ferrara

Aquafresh protected their client's smile for $10 million.

(via Newscircle)

Julia Roberts

Roberts reportedly insured her smile for $30 million.

(via RyanSeacrest.com)

Michael Flatley (dancer)

Body Part: Legs

Insurance: $40 million

(via Oprah Radio)

David Beckham

Body Part: Legs

Insurance: $70 million

(via RyanSeacrest.com)

Cristiano Ronaldo

Body Part: Legs

Insurance: $144 million

'Football in England is different; it is more physical,' Cristiano told The Examiner. 'There are some teams who know they can't compete with you on a football level, so they just kick you. It's frustrating and something needs to be done to protect the skillful players, because one day someone will get seriously hurt.'

(via The Examiner)

Jennifer Lopez

Mariah Carey

Body Part: Legs

Insurance: $1 BILLION (reportedly).

(via Slate)

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