20 Brilliant Marketing Campaigns That Literally Stopped Traffic

soccer billboard

Can you remember three ads you saw today? Probably not.

Despite millions of dollars spent on advertising campaigns, most ads are not memorable.

Every once in a while, some creative at some ad agency does something truly brilliant, and we have to stop and marvel.

We racked our brains and scoured the internet to find photos of brilliant marketing campaigns that literally stopped people in their tracks.

For more campaigns, check out Inc.com, Joe’s AdBlog, and Ad Design Blog, which pointed us to many of these campaigns.

This Smart Car looks really little

If you're overwhelmed by work and staring out the office window...

This bus will eat you and convince you to watch National Geographic

Cigarettes are about as healthy as inhaling this exhaust; this ad is encouraging people to quit

This Weight Watchers ad would make us sit on the left side

Books to donate anyone?

This definitely looks sharp

Here's a freshly shaved lawn

This comb can untangle anything

This ad made a splash

A sewer never looked so good

Multipurpose Whiteout, courtesy of FedEx

Real models were hired to play soccer on this Adidas billboard

What a billboard would look like if the world really ended

Yoga One sent this around when they were in a sales rut

A good reminder not to pollute

This man looked like he was floating at Manchester airport

This Ford can haul a lot

This goalie leaps over traffic

The Economist is full of good ideas

For more great marketing campaigns, don't miss...

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