10 Sophisticated Bedroom Items For Single Guys


Photo: Tom Filicia Inc.

I read an article a few months ago about a new niche group of clients for interior designers — single and divorced men looking to create more stylish living spaces.

Bedroom ideas for single guys >
The standard-issue down comforter, Star Wars and Bob Marley posters, and thrift store sofas are being traded in for something a little more sophisticated. My own single brother asked for art for Christmas, so it looks like some growing up has happened.

My mother and I recently set out to create a sophisticated and stylish bedroom for my bro, and here’s what we came up with. — Sarah from The Estate of Things

Bedroom ideas for single guys >
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Room design ideas from Thom Filicia Inc.

Thom Filicia has a way with casual and modern rooms. This is a great example of the mix of neutral, muted tones in what I consider to be a masculine space.

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Macausland's Blanket: $284 (GBP 175)

I keep seeing the wool camp blanket over and over again. I love its homespun appeal mixed with a classic stripe.

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Courtney Bed: $599.99

The marriage of upholstery and wood on this bed will stand the test of time.

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Tailored Hotel Embroidered Dot Duvet Cover: $109

I'd like to use a classic hotel sham and sheet set that will pair well with any accent blanket as tastes change.

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Rattan Trunk Basket: $598

Stow away pillows, extra bedding or dirty clothes in this rattan trunk placed at the end of the bed.

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Source Kudu Table Lamp: $149

I love the sculptural shape of this lamp. In a subtle way, it also mimics antlers. It will look great on a tall dresser as part of a vignette.

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2013 Moon Calendar In Night Sky Silkscreen Print By Rendij Studio: $15

I like the graphic quality and the deep blue of this lunar poster.

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Vintage Electric Fan, Retro Blue By NeOld: $38

Both functional and good looking, this fan has a beautiful and glossy deep blue base.

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Petite Rustique Bamboo Roman Shade: $32.39

How can you go wrong with a classic bamboo shade in any space? These great-quality shades come in a multitude of widths and are at a great price point.

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Abacus Table Lamp, Clear: $149

The neutral tones of this glass lamp makes it great as a bedside light. I'd opt for a pair.

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