20 Arrested In Paris As Christian Fundamentalists Besieges Controversial Play

20 members of a French Christian fundamentalist group have been arrested in Paris after they burst into a theatre throwing stink bombs to protest about a controversial play, reports The Local.

The play, “On the Concept of the Face, Regarding the Son of God,” has drawn controversy due to that fact that it involves an image of Jesus’ face speckled with what is insinuated to be excrement. French Christian groups have protested against the performance since it opened in Paris last week.

The Guardian reports that protesters brandished placards at one performance with the slogan “Stop Christianophobia.” The following night another group pelted the audience with eggs and oil.

French police have blamed fundamentalist group, Civitas Institute for the protests. The group has defended its actions via its website. A statement from the organisation reads:

“What is really insulting is at the end of a scatological show, to sully the image of Christ by suggesting that it is dirtied by faecal matter, injuring so many believers.”

Videos of the protests against the play have made their way online. Have a look below as demonstrators appear to have breached the stage with their banner.

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