This Is What A $2.3 Million Pizza Looks Like

The price of a Bitcoin now stands at $234.

That is really, really high.

Especially given that just three years ago, Bitcoins were worth one-quarter of one cent.

It was at this price when, according to Internet lore, Jacksonville resident Mike Lazlo purchased a pizza for 10,000 BTC, or $25.

As user The_egg_came_first points out on Reddit, that pizza has now cost the original purchaser over $2 million at today’s prices.

At the time, Lazlo updated a series of photos proving the purchase — here’s one:

This episode is a big lesson and a big cautionary tale: Anyone transacting in Bitcoin is liable to feel like an idiot the next day, as the price surges or collapses.

Hence it makes more sense to just speculate, and not do anything real.

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