Two Lawyers Allegedly Framed A PTA Volunteer By Planting Drugs In Her Car

lawyers accused of framing, irvineKent and Jill Easter

Photo: Irvine Police Department

Two California attorneys who reportedly believed a Parent Teacher Association president locked their kid out of school allegedly found an interesting way to get even.Ken Easter tipped off police that PTA president Kelli Peters was hiding drugs in her car, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Police searched the car and found a bag of marijuana, among other drugs, in the back seat.

But police later interviewed school officials who said Peters was in a classroom, and not hiding drugs, when Easter made his report.

Now police claim Easter and his wife, Jill, also an attorney, threw the drugs in her car to frame the president in retaliation for mistreatment of their son two years ago, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Easter reportedly filed a civil complaint in 2010 when his son was allegedly locked out of the school by Peters, while his wife Jill filed for a restraining order on Peters for harassing her son.

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