2 Incredibly Important Elections Are Happening Today Outside Of Greece

egypt tahrir square arab spring

Photo: AP

While all the investor focus has been on Greece lately, two other incredibly important elections are taking place today elsewhere in the world:Egypt: It is the second and final day for Egyptians to vote for a new president, more than a year after protests toppled the regime of Hosni Mubarak. They have a choice between Ahmed Shafiq–the last prime minister under Mubarak’s regime–and Mohammed Mursi–a Muslim Brotherhood candidate who alleges that he would support broad secular freedom. Mursi’s campaign team alleged that he had won 69 per cent of the vote after the first day of voting, but it is still unclear how these elections will pan out.

France: French voters will finalise their votes for parliament today in elections that will determine whether newly ensconced President Francois Hollande has legislative support for all his endeavours. A first round of elections last week showed that his Socialist party was likely to win control of the parliament, but all could still change in run-off elections today.

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