'2 Guns' Easily Fires Pasts 'The Smurfs' -- Here's Your Box-Office Roundup

Denzel mark 2 gunsUniversal PicturesDenzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg came out ahead of Neil Patrick Harris’ return in ‘The Smurfs 2.’

Now that the majority of summer movies have slowed down, it was a slow box-office weekend at theatres.

Neil Patrick Harris and smurfs returned to theatres while Mark Wahlberg and Denzel Washington blew up the big screen with “2 Guns.”

Last week’s big winners “The Wolverine” and “The Conjuring” continue to hold their own with viewers.

Out of the top 10 this week are Universal’s comic adaptation of “R.I.P.D.” After three weekends, the $US130 million budget film has earned $US48.8 million at theatres.

The Weinstein Company’s “Fruitvale Station” dropped 41% earning $US2.7 million.

Here are this week’s winners and losers in Hollywood:

10. Rounding out the top 10 “Pacific Rim” earns $US4.6 million in week four. Guillermo del Toro’s monster and robot film may have earned less than $US100 million domestically, but the film is making a killing overseas having earned more than $US200 million. The film’s overseas success has sparked rumours of a sequel, which wouldn’t be a surprise considering del Toro always hinted toward the film being a series.

9. “The Heat” moves down one spot earning another $US4.7 million. After a month and a half in theatres, the comedy has earned $US186.3 million for Fox.

8. “Red 2” drops two spots at theatres with $US5.7 million. Bruce Willis’ sequel to his 2010 film is tracking behind the original. “Red 2” has earned $US78.6 million worldwide.

7. DreamWorks Animation’s “Turbo” dropped more than 53% and three spots at theatres earning $US6.4 million. The animated flick, which cost an estimated $US135 million to produce, has earned $US125 million worldwide. The film isn’t doing as well over seas ($US55.3 million) as it has domestically ($US69 million). That’s not good news for DWA.

6. Adam Sandler’s “Grown Ups 2” is still doing well in theatres taking in another $US8.1 million after four weeks. The sequel has earned $US137.9 million at theatres.

5. Universal just announced “Despicable Me 2” is its most profitable movie ever. After five weeks in theatres, it’s still bringing in $US10.4 million. Gru and his minions have brought in $US713.7 million worldwide.

4. Warner Bros. horror film “The Conjuring” moves down two spots earning $US13.7 million. Forget about last month’s underwhelming opening for “Pacific Rim.” The $US20 million film has earned $US137.2 million at theatres worldwide.

3. “The Smurfs 2” did not bring in a big haul for Sony Pictures with $US18.2 million. That’s the smallest opening for a film geared towards kids this year behind DreamWorks Animation’s snail film “Turbo” ($US21 million). 2011’s “Smurfs” debuted to $US35.6 million. Early estimates pegged the film to bring in near $US30 million.

2. “The Wolverine” just beat out the blue smurfs with $US21.7 million in week two. That’s nearly a 60% drop from last week. Hugh Jackman’s sixth time as Logan is earning more than 60% of its $US254 million earnings over seas.

1. Despite some lousy critic reviews, people wanted to see Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg banter in “2 Guns.” The Universal film earned $US27.4 million, slightly below analyst expectations of more than $US30 million.

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